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Apex Legends season 8 has been a (buggy) explosion so far

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The 7th edition of Apex Legends’ Response Interactive’s free-to-play combat was the best overall addition to the royals, as the game was secretly launched two years ago to our pleasant surprise.

Named the Ascension, the 7th edition of Olympus’ latest map introduces its high-concept science-fi design, wide range and convenient vehicles. Most importantly, the Scottish scientist, who ignores gravity, a new legend, has been brilliant since day one, and she is now threatening to overtake Wright as the legend with the highest winning rate (this is the first time this has ever happened).

With such an incredible launch for the 7th season, it will always be quite a task to get to the top. So it’s no surprise that I don’t think the 8th season has surpassed its predecessor. As Fuse often says, “It was bloody fun!”.

Fuse, however, will be the new legend of the 8th season. A bigger Australian burger than life is pulled straight out of a 1980s action movie. Long-lasting Apex Legends players are not as influential as Horizon, and Fuse Response is designed for a very specific purpose and he is great. How do you get new players to Apex Legends to compete on one foot, even compared to predators who respect their jumping 360 hip-fibe Kreber headshots from the start?

You keep things simple. And explosive. As one Respon Dev explained, everyone knows what to do when you hand over a grenade.

That’s what the fuse is. Booming things up. His tactic is to launch a cluster bomb, which over time is amazing and carries twice as many grenades as any other legend and allows him to launch those grenades even faster and faster. Meanwhile, his ultimate ability, Motherload, is to launch a rocket that will disperse a limited fire ring.

Combined for all of this is a perfect character for connecting enemies in one place, keeping them there and then releasing all sorts of explosive hells in rapid succession from mid-range. It is not necessary to achieve superhuman goals through a god-like targeted image, wall jumping tactics or a map. It makes him really fun to play!

Apex Legends season 8 has 4 (buggy) explosions so far

He also brings a new dynamic to the sport. When all the legends with similar end capabilities like Gibraltar and Bangalore talk about driving an enemy out of territory, the fuse is to keep the enemy where it is. This makes it easier for new players to lower these enemies using the weapons they are still accustomed to.

Surprisingly, although not as friendly as Fuse, the signature new weapon launched with him is not so. The 30-30 repeater is a lever-propelled rifle that uses heavy ammunition, which means that it does more damage than a shot (which is further “charged” when aimed at the scene). Speed ​​and unpredictable bullet velocity fall from a distance. It’s unique throughout the game and its distracting reload animation makes you look like one round cabin at a time and adds extra tactical thinking. The counter result is a weapon that can be utterly destructive if you have the archetypal mechanical skills and sportsmanship to use it properly. It’s at least bad in appearance and sound.

Speaking of looking at Bads, Season 8 Battle Pass offers some of the newest coatings for your favorite legends, all themed around Fuse’s extreme personality. “Radical Action” Bangalore is one of my personal favorites. Even better, in just as short a week as the 8th season, Respon launched the anniversary gathering to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Apex Legends. For the occasion, Respon took past favorite epic and legendary skins and gave them a fresh finish. Some of the coolest skins in the sport so far in the counter results. Kicker means you can get them at a relatively low price on the 400 and 1200 craft luggage, respectively – which is the cost of non-incident leather in general.

The real opposite of profit is the anniversary apex packaging. Each package costs approximately 700 Apex Coins, which costs approximately 100 rupees, and with their random rolls you will need most of them to unlock all 24 festive beauty items. Having all that, you will get 150 heirs to unlock one of the legendary heirloom weapons.

Apex Legends season 8 has 5 (buggy) explosions so far

Another new addition / change with Season 8 is the inclusion of Gold Magazine pick-ups that automatically reload any weapon stored after a few seconds. Very easy. There are also some legend balance changes, the most notable to me is that Rampart’s barrier is given more health during the processing phase. Significant, because it is a completely neutral change. Despite the recent “upgrades”, Rampart’s kit is still not widely available. The simple solution, if you ask me, is to change her neutral capability (perhaps even add stability) by getting LMG’s extra bullet / reload speed to all weapons. She is a gunman. Why can’t she update? each Guns?

Aside from legends and weapons, Fuse’s explosive entrance gate also makes changes to the return Kings Canyon map, opening up a new section to fight. Crash Site adds all sorts of vertical and close combat combat, and Spotted Lake (replaces Slum Town) is beautiful with its spacecraft fuel-polluted waterways. Sadly, these new map changes are no longer a hindrance to the game as much as the removal of Skull Town.

Apex Legends season 8 currently has 6 (buggy) explosions

What has been disruptive this season is how flawed it is. Problems brought by seasonal updates are nothing new in Apex Legends, but this season its Mayhem title is literally a bit more. Everyone from casual players to experienced carriers have complained about the stability of the Apex Legends server across all platforms over the past two weeks. They can never start the game because several players are stuck in random loop loading. Experienced people from time to time send a delayed spike to their pin game of 250 meters or more, or load everything to super slow moving clients.

Playing on SA, Xbox and PlayStation, I’ve experienced several issues with both releases now. Perhaps due to the extra delay in our country, visual errors in the font deactivation animations can occasionally be seen on the home screen or when opening apex packages. These are the most annoying of all, but they all add up.

Responses so far have stated that they are aware of these issues and are looking into them, but no solution has been released yet. Based on the developer’s report, I hope to address everything within the next week or two, which will bring Apex Legends Season 8 to the sweet spot of functional packaging it deserves.

However, if you are a competitive ranking player, every death associated with the server unknowingly wreaks havoc with the overall stability of your game, it can still be a long way off. Hey, at least there’s an explosion for moderate and casual people like me.

Literally, sometimes.

Last updated: February 19, 2021

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