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Russia reports its largest daily new coronavirus infection, with more than 70% reported a month ago, and the country continues to see an increase in the number of patients.

The National Corona Virus Task Force said Sunday that 34,303 new infections had been reported the previous day, compared to 20,174 reported on September 19.

The death toll from 999 was slightly lower than the 1,002 deaths reported on Saturday.

Russian authorities have tried to speed up the vaccination process with lotteries, bonuses and other incentives, but widespread suspicion about the vaccine and conflicting signals from officials have hampered those efforts. The government said this week that about 43 million Russians, or about 29% of the country’s 146 million population, had been fully vaccinated.

Despite the growing number, the Kremlin has ruled out new locks that have damaged President Vladimir Putin’s popularity, which severely damaged the economy in the early stages of the epidemic. Instead, it delegates the power to enforce corona virus restrictions to local authorities.


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Here is what happens:

Colombo, Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka authorities will also allow cinemas and restaurants to reopen and allow weddings as part of the relaxation of COVID-19 related restrictions.

Cinemas will open next week, but only 25% of the population lives in them. Restaurants will be allowed to cater to a maximum of 50 customers at a time. Weddings are also allowed, but with a maximum of 50 guests.

Banks can only accommodate up to five clients at a time and can have a maximum of 10 gymnasiums.

The government has taken steps to ease the limits amid a sharp drop in COVID-19 patients and deaths over the past few weeks.

However, the government is still active in banning public meetings, imposing restrictions on public transport and still stopping trains.


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand health workers held a record number of vaccination jobs on Saturday as the nation celebrated more people being vaccinated against the corona virus.

The eight-hour “Waxthon” event, which aired on television and online, was attended by musicians, sports stars and celebrities. By noon, more than 120,000 people had been shot, and the daily record set in August exceeded 93,000.

The reversal of the popular television fundraising “Teleton” events of the 1970s and 1990s, when the eruption of the Delta genus erupted into the largest Auckland city and beyond, while New Zealand was facing its greatest threat since the outbreak.

Speaking to drivers at the Drive-through vaccination center in Wellington, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden initially set a target of 100,000 jobs a day, but increased it to 150,000 after achieving the first target.

She also set a target of 25,000 shots for the indigenous Maori, whose vaccination count was delayed and severely affected by the latest epidemic.


Opponents of the Kovid-19 vaccine order for health workers in Maine have filed an urgent appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court following another legal defeat on Friday.

The appeal was filed a few hours after the 1st Court of Appeals in Boston rejected the request to stay the order. The Supreme Court has previously rejected appeals to vaccinate teachers and staff at Indiana University in New York City.

The Maine vaccination order, announced by Democratic Governor Janet Mills, requires health care workers to be vaccinated against the coronary virus or risk losing their jobs. The government will begin enforcing the mandate on October 29.


Sacramento, California – A judge in Northern California has temporarily ruled that state prison officials were deliberately careless when a deadly corona virus epidemic broke out in a world-famous prison last year.

But Marine County Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey Howard said the injection had changed the landscape and that officials were no longer violating the inmates’ constitutional rights.

The trial began in May 2020 with the transfer of infected prisoners from a prison in Southern California to San Quentin. The Coronavirus then quickly infected 75% of the inmates at the prison north of San Francisco, killing 28 inmates and a correctional officer.


Officials announced Friday that the three state universities in Phoenix-Arizona are complying with federal regulations for government contractors and must provide their employees with the full vaccine for COVID-19 by December 8 if exemptions are not granted.

The University of Arizona, Arizona State University and the University of Northern Arizona are among the institutions that require undergraduate and graduate students who are university employees, the State Office said in a statement.

The statement cited President Joe Biden’s executive order regarding compliance with federal COVID – 19 workplace guidelines, which “finances hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracting, critical research, employment and educational efforts at universities.”

“We respect personal opinions regarding the vaccine and include disability (including medical) and religious accommodation in accordance with federal regulations,” the statement added.

When asked what would happen to an employee who disobeyed the mandate, a spokeswoman for the agency did not immediately respond.


Alaska Anchorage – The governing body of Alaska’s largest city has lifted the mayor’s veto power to issue an emergency order to issue a face mask for 60 days.

Alaska Public Media reports that the anchor council on Thursday lifted the veto power of Mayor Dave Bronson and demanded that everyone living in public places in the house wear masks.

The ordinance mandates that people wear masks in public places and ethnic spaces. It offers some relief. People who do not wear masks should be denied entry into the business.

If two-thirds of the anchor hospitals do not comply with the crisis care protocol or the city does not have a high COVID-19 transmission rate, the order can be canceled up to 60 days in advance.


The Federal Court of Appeals rejected an urgent request to stop the implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine order in Portland, Maine.

The law, promulgated by Democrat Governor Janet Mills, requires health care workers to be vaccinated against the disease or lose their jobs by October 29. Opponents of the order challenged it in federal court, and a judge earlier this week refused to block it.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston issued a one-sentence statement Friday stating that the order rejected the request for an immediate halt, the Bangor Daily News reported.

Health workers in the state needed their last shots by Friday to comply with the order.

Most are already there. Government officials said earlier this week that the compliance rate in state hospitals was more than 90%, and in some other healthcare facilities, such as intermediate care facilities, it was more than 80%.


Omaha, Nebraska’s attorney general said Friday it will not take disciplinary action against physicians who prescribe controversial, unlabeled prescription drugs to treat and prevent coronavirus infections unless they obtain informed consent from patients and engage in sexual misconduct. .

Ivermectin, a malaria drug obtained by former President Donald Trump, has not seen data for decades to take legal action against health care professionals who prescribe a parasitic treatment or hydroxychloroquine, according to Attorney General Dow Peterson’s Office. Try to prevent COVID-19 infection.

“Based on the available evidence, prescribing ivarmactin or hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 alone cannot prevent disciplinary action in our office,” the Republican attorney general said.

Many health professionals and leading medical groups are trying to stop the use of both drugs, arguing that they may cause adverse side effects and that there is little evidence that they are helpful.


BERLIN – Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Bioentech say they are seeking licenses for their corona virus vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 across the European Union. If approved, it would be the first time that young children in Europe would be immunized against COVID-19.

In a statement last Friday, Pfizer and Bioentech said they had submitted data to the European Agency for Delay in a study testing COVID – 19 vaccine on more than 2,200 children aged 6 to 11 months using low doses. Than what is usually given to adults.

The companies say the results show a “strong immune response” in children and that the vaccine is safe. There are currently no licensed COVID-19 vaccines for use in children under 12 in Europe or North America; The EU has allowed 12 and more children to be shot at by Pfizer-Biotech and Modernna.

Earlier this month, Pfizer and Bioentech called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11.

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