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Liverpool are keen to sign Nicolas Barrella


Despite the fact that Liverpool currently have a large number of mid-to-mid options, the Mercedes club suggests that the likes of Thiago Alcantara, Jordan Henderson and James Milner are over 30 years of age and look forward to replacing them at some point in the near future.

However, it looks like that’s what the club should do in the next summer exchange window.

What’s the news?

The Italian media Gazette delo Sport (via Sport Witness) recently reported that Liverpool are interested in signing Inter Milan’s 24-year-old midfielder Niccol බැර Barrella.

Before signing a permanent transaction in September 2020, Barella first interacted with Cagliari for a loan transaction at the 2019 Summer Exchange.

Overall, according to Transformarket, he currently represents 97 clubs in the midfielder club worth 58 58.5 million, scoring eight goals and providing 27 appearances along the way. Why Liverpool are clearly interested in signing Italy.

Replacing Vignaldam?

In addition to some of Liverpool’s senior current midfielders, the club’s failure to find a replacement for Giorgio Wijnaldum may mean that Barrela can be seen as a suitable long – term replacement for the Dutchman.

The former players left the club in the summer after appearing alongside Andy Robertson more than any other Liverpool player in the league last season, but the Reds were keen to bring defender Ibrahima Connett into the window.

Barrella scored three goals and added seven assists in last season’s Serie A, which means he could be a more powerful box copy of the Vignaldam box if he joins Liverpool. For comparison, the second was able to score two goals in 38 league games last season.

Would you like to see Liverpool sign the barrels?





In addition to his goals and assists, Barrel also scored a key 2.1 points in a Serie A match this season, creating eight big goals, showcasing his attacking and creative prowess.

In our opinion, if Liverpool are interested in signing Barrell next summer, especially considering his age and attacking ability, it remains to be seen whether Inter will be willing to sell him to the Merseyside club for a price to pay. From Midfield.

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