Wednesday , July 6 2022

Sony threatens to sue company over black PS5 replacement plates


dbrand Darkplates PS5

“Go, sue us.” It’s a bold strategy to effectively appeal to a bigger one than to sue a company, and that’s what happened with dbrand a while ago. It is a business that makes and sells custom shells, leather and decals for all types of consumer electronics such as smartphones and laptops. Soon after, DBRD expanded this and included ‘Dark Plates’, for those who like to exchange white boards with black ones instead of the face for the PlayStation 5. Fast forward to now, you can no longer buy them after stopping and leaving Sony.

Yes, you can no longer buy the black face from Dbrand’s website. If you try to go to the page, instead you will find a list of articles on the subject and there is no way to buy a product. The company received an undisclosed C&D letter from PlayStation Lawyers some time ago, which resulted in Drock’s removal from the sale of Drockplate.

The company’s unabashed and aggressive PR style once again shows up in a long Reddit position, sharing the suspension parts and the suspension letter, pointing out the shortcomings of Sony’s logic. SIE claims that dbrand infringes copyright and produces unauthorized “counterfeit” items bearing the platform bearer’s logo. Dbrand points out that Sony has failed to cite any of its patents regarding the unique shape and design of the PS5 Facebook. It also raises questions about the similarities between the PlayStation Face button symbols and its “revealing twist” of formats. Dbrand also suggests that Sony’s move is most likely due to PS5 attempting to license the production or production of Facebook in the future.

In a nutshell, Sony threatened to take legal action against Drund unless it stopped selling and promoting its various PS5 products. The company says it is “currently” complying with Sony’s requests.

Dbrand makes some precise observations of Sony’s C&D article, and it should be noted that the good facts about after-market sales and purchases — like the dark plates at the heart of the matter — are that the company sued Sony. First place. We’re sure this is not the end of the story, especially since Dbrand’s mouth seems to be on it. If you want to read more about all this, you can check out the Reddit Post and the C&D article through the relevant links.

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