Tuesday , May 18 2021

The members of Rotary Cowbridge celebrated the success of the polio eradication project News

Curry, conversation, friendship, and purple color have created the perfect fundraising event for Cowbridge Rotary when it hosts' End World Polio & # 39; evening at the Shampan Indian restaurant in town.

Raising more than 320 pounds to support Rotary's international campaign, a social event gathered around Rotterian, family and friends from across the city to blend night-violet color in recognition of the incredible efforts to eradicate the disease globally.

A social evening, featuring a luxurious dining room, quiz, laughter and race, was organized by club member Huw Davies, with the support of President Cowbridge Rotary, Michael Long.

October 24 marks the International Day of World Polio Ending, and guests who did not join the "Purple Code" on social evening they put their pink fingers on function as a symbol of campaign support.

With fingers in purple color, members of Rotary wanted to reflect the routine of medical teams for the identification of children who had been vaccinated while vaccine clinics work in areas where polio remains high risk.

Last year, Rotary International, a member of the Cowbridge club, contributed more than half a billion pounds to the global effort to dump polio around the world.

The Rotary Organization has a number of key goals, one of which is humanitarian aid, where Polio is a priority.

In 1985, polio was endemic in 125 countries around the world, and each year it records about 350,000 new cases. Since Rotary participated in support of the global eradication policy program, over 2.5 billion children received oral vaccination, resulting in a 99.99% reduction in disease incidence.

Polio now remains endemic only in three countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. President Michael Long said they were delighted with the success of the evening.

"It's just about raising awareness as a fundraiser, but we're happy that we could raise over 320 pounds for such a huge initiative.

"We are close to polio to the free world, which sounds only remarkably, and we are so grateful to all the people who have supported Rotary over the years to raise the necessary resources so that we can do that," he added.

Each penny raised by Rotary for the End World Polio campaign, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation coincides with 2: 1, which is Rotary's ambition for Polio Free World very achievable.


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