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10 moments of Diego Maradona with music from Charlie Garcia and Phyto Piece to Pimpinella, Manu Chao and Bursut

Followers of Diego Amando Maradona near the entrance to the Casa Rosada (Photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
Followers of Diego Amando Maradona near the entrance to the Casa Rosada (photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

With death Diego Amando Maradona Part of the national heritage is leaving, the phrases that are already part of the popular vocabulary, the songs that were given to him and the songs that we all enjoy. those Latin American Museum Buenos Aires (Malba) posted a photo of the ten on their official accounts and ordered it An artist from Argentina. Maradona was not only an artist on the ball, he created a chaotic and fascinating world around him.

Although the world today cries and mourns for a statue, many musicians have been able to pay homage to him in life. Some are inspired by him, his history, his profession; Others invited him to share the stage, the couch, the rehearsal room … the moments the ten enjoyed as if he were on a field.

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Diego was playing in the early 1980s Barcelona, At the top of his career, he had a unique face and charm. In a messy network with Claudia Villafasy, Who should be his teenage girlfriend, his first great love love and the mother of his daughters? Dalma Y Gone, Had an affair with Diego Lucia Galen. The singer was also at the top of the wave with her brother Jokin, Always visit Burnett And record recording, but he took the time to enjoy this relationship It lasted nine months. Years later Lucia said it, but something else happened in the middle: Diego Gallen recorded a song with the two brothers. “Dear Friend” was a gift to Donna Tota, the mother of the statue.

“Dear Friend”, with Pimpinella and Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona’s family doctor Dr. Alfredo Cahe confirmed last night that the former Argentine athlete will leave Buenos Aires this morning for Havana to begin rehabilitation treatment at a clinic in Cuba. Maradona travels with his parents, his wife Claudia Vilaface and his agent Guillermo Capola, And the doctor. ” Carlos Ares For the diary Country Diego’s stay in Cuba was a separate chapter in his life history and an unforgettable moment Rodrigo Colt Went to sing for him “The Hand of God”. Mouth kissing between Colt and Ten made the summit and its end immortal from the cameras Vs, Led program Jimena Cyrulnik For Telef.

El Potro Rodrigo Diego of Cuba sings “La Mano di Dios”

Mr. Maradona was also present Cannes Film Festival 2008. Serbian director of the year Emir Musk Presented Mastona by Kasturika, A film about the life of a football player. The song that runs through the documentary “Life Tombola”, Written for Diego Manu Chao And published on disc La Radiolina, 2007. The French musician living in Spa Spain already paid tribute to him with his band. Black hand, When he was recorded “Santa Maradona” (Home of Babylon, 1994). Years later Manu waited for Diego to arrive and he sang “La Vida Tombola” with the guitarist on a sidewalk in Buenos Aires. Madjid Fehm. Informal Serenade was recorded forever, with pure music and pure emotion.

Manu Chao Diego sings to “La Vida Tombola”

Bursut squares By the time of the festival, I was already in the stadium band Pepsi Music In 2005 they announced that they had a special guest. “As a footballer, as a man, I want to give him a strong recognition of what he’s for: Diego Amando Maradona,” he said. Gustavo Cordera And the filled audience Club City of Buenos Aires It exploded with shouts and applause. Laughing like a boy The pajama suit is like a band (That’s the usual uniform for shows), Maradona jumped up and sang “Gambetta Dance”. That song can be a good consolation on a day like today: “That’s why we’re going to dance now, change this fortune … if we knew how to drip to drive away death.”.

“Gambetta Dance” with Bursite Square

Between toast Charlie Garcia, Juan, Julian is soft Y Maradona It aired in 1994 and is still remembered. In the middle of the show’s broadcast, everyone raised their glasses 360, By Canal13, Was celebrating Charlie’s birthday and Diego came to pick up a souvenir saying goodbye to it. Garcia sang to him Maradona Blues, A song composed by him Claudio Gabbis That same year they recorded for the album announced. Gabis commented on the origin of that inspiration on his official Facebook page. Grief “.

Charlie Garcia sings “Maradona Blues”

“I thank you for all the faxes you sent me to Seville,” Maradona told a young and long-haired man. Andres Calamaro, After chatting and laughing Phyto Pace In the midst of a 1994 national team concentration in Argentina. They were at the Ezeisa Pavilion and were preparing to go to the FIFA World Cup in the United States. “They are teachers,” Diego praised him as they sang to him, holding the guitar in his hand. “Health Money and Love”, From Rodriguez, The band owned by Andrews in Spain. After defeating Nigeria, Madonna was expelled due to intoxication: epidermis was found in his urine test. On June 30 of that year, Diego uttered the phrase, “I did not take drugs, they cut off my legs.”

Phyto Piece and Andres Calamaro sing for Diego at the Argentine National Band Convention

In 13 episodes, Maradona won a memorable TV show “10pm”. Among the many stars who passed was his beloved and appreciative friend Jockey Sabina. On and off the Channel 13 screen Sergio Goicoccia Diego interviews as a partner, presentation, encouragement. Sitting at the table with the spa Spanish singer, Maradona once again listened intently to the song he composed, allowing him to be honored. Sabina even thanked me Juan Carlos Baglieto To give him a flaw and motivation: “Man, don’t let us die anymore, pelusa, pelusa, guerrilla, Fidel’s nephews, my brother …”.

Joaquin Sabina “10 Nights”

He did the same with Pepsi Music, which took the stage on Diego Bursut in 2005 Lice. At that point it was not about singing but about playing Andres Ciro Martinez At the end of an energetic version of “Remaining”. Preview of the Argentine National Anthem on Ciro’s Harmonica ends the epic An interesting Maradonian song for everyone. The friendship between the two became close and after learning of the deaths of the ten, the current leader of Los Persas turned all his pain and madness into a post on his social networks.

Singing tango was another hobby of Diego who did it with an orchestra on Argentine television and everything. That was during a concert Antonio Gazella What was called True in Milanese It aired in 1994. “Baby’s dream”, Selected tango, it was like gloves, because it speaks exactly like a boy who likes to play ball. Written by Juan Pui Y Rinaldo Iso, The title refers to footballers from the 1930s and 1940s Balmodo, Martino Y Boy. Over the years, some translators have replaced that surname with more current names, with Diego referring to “Maradona” at the height of self-reference.

“Baby’s Dream” sung by Diego Maradona

Although they were already separated, Diego was playing as if something was still going on between Claudia (“La Claudia”) and him. in the 10 p.m.As a producer, Diego is dedicated to a program that has given her a very active participation “I’ll forget about myself”, From Carlos Weaves. He sang it, recorded it, and later it was part of a video with pictures of the life they lived together. They did not reconcile, and even after many years they appeared in court over money matters, but the fantasy that they would one day reunite still lingers.

“I Will Forget About Me” by Carlos Views by Diego Maradona

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