Monday , January 25 2021

A super-Earth planet known as Barnard (B) & # 39; Scientists reveal that it is possible to help scientists in living nearby

Scientists have discovered that a star could be used as a home for the "super-Earth" planet.

Barnard B is the closest second-party star to the planet, it is a planet around the Barnard Star.

    The feelings of an artist on Bernard's star b

ESO / M. Kornmesser

The feelings of an artist on Bernard's star b

Within six light years, Barnard B -150C is believed to be extremely cold.

But when it is discovered we can be a better house.

According to scientists, there is a large amount of iron and nickel green and geophysical activity that can save primary lives.

Astronomers at the University of Vilanova, Edward Guyan and Scott Engle, published their findings at a key meeting of astronomers.

Researchers say that under the surface of the Barnard B, it is surprising to be the result of processes.

Explains where the video of NASA is in our solar system. – In any discussion in space, a large spoken point

Guinea said: "Geographical heating can support its" living areas "to its surface, and Jupiter's icing is the surface temperature equal to Bernard Bea on Europe's surface temperature, but under the warmth of the ice, lies Europe's ice cap in Europe's ice oceans.

The planet has about three times as much mass as the Earth and 233 stars around the planet. It circles the sun around the planet.

Researchers now look forward to seeing more air to try to understand its "atmosphere, surface, and potential atmosphere."

It's very dark in the sky. But in the future, a large telescope will look better.

Engel said: "The most important part of discovering Barnard's Star B is that the two closest solar systems to the sun are now known as planets, which are supported by Kepler-Mission data-based prior studies, and planets can be found in billions of planets even in the galaxy.

Also, the size of the Barnard star star is twice the same as the Sun – 4.6 billion times the size of the Sun's nine billion years. The universe has massive planets on Earth, and we are longer than the Sun, even the Sun. . "

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