Wednesday , July 6 2022

A Swiss company sells Argentine $ 2 bills for 70 euros


A few weeks ago, this news surprised Argentines: a bunch of one-peso coins were put into circulation more than two decades later due to an unusual spelling error. $ 50,000 per unitThat is, up to $ 272 from the unofficial exchange rate. Nominal science is now becoming a market topic through the $ 2 bill.

Although initially confirmed They had great value, The truth is that these coins were in circulation in large numbers so it was not uncommon to have them in possession, which caused their prices to fall sharply.

In this context, a bid for peso 2 bills has now been found and it was surprised by its high price. According to the Swiss Portal, There is an auction with a base price of 70 euros It ends on December 4th.

The Argentine $ 2 bill is making headlines for a strange cultural reason.

The Argentine $ 2 bill is making headlines for a strange cultural reason.

Despite the high number, experts say the $ 2 bill will not sell for that much and that it is another one. A case similar to one peso coin.

Ticket with The face of Bartholomew Meter It was put into circulation by the Central Bank in 1992 and lasted for 26 years. Officially its value expired on April 30, 2018, just months before the population was warned to discard the notes they had in their possession.

Considering that it was active a few years ago, its market value is not high. In the country they can be bought in good condition The value is close to $ 100 Peso in numerical houses or floors.

The home is in charge of performing the surgery Numismatik Auction GmbH “Numis 24”, Buyers from Austria and 12 hours prior registration are required to attend.

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