Saturday , January 23 2021

After the green light to merge with Boeing, Embrare took off the stock

The common name of Embrower began with a 7.7%However, in the afternoon they retreated.

"The company's appraisal was based on the approval of President Jair Borenasaro, although his approval was one of the final one, but it is still a complicated process, which is not an already approved process." AFLP's analyst Glauco Legat explained to Necton's analyst.

The loss of initial optimism is his deal that slows down the deal and has further moves.

The S & P, the rating agency, rejected Legat, and on that day, Ambroir (now the BBB) correctly observed the results of the convention.

In third world aircraft, Embroider was privatized in 1994. But the Brazilian government has retained a "golden part" that is vetoable on strategic issues.

The right-wing Bolognese, who had been in office since January 1, has damaged Brazil's technical capacity, hitting $ 5,260 million. These claims accounted for 5% of the group's shares.

But He announced his decision Thursday with his Brandix chief ministers and delegates.

"The President has informed the President that the various events have been carefully assessed and that the final resolution will safeguard national sovereignty and interests, and the veto will not be applied to the veto." A government statement indicated.

Bolsero later wrote Twitter that "the nation's sovereignty and aspirations have been preserved and its opposition to the integrity of the trade union action has been preserved."

The discussion of the deal under Mitchell Taymair's administration is the weakest growth in the country's economy, on the basis of privatization programs, the opening of foreign capital and the preparation and recosting of accounts, the first application of Ministerial Polo Glades' s Nerlibil agenda.

Embraer and Boeing announced on Thursday that their alliance is "deploying both companies to accelerate the growth of global airline markets and the completion of this merger process," they said.

The board of directors of Embrayers will sign the agreement, which will be submitted to the regulatory authorities of Brazil and the United States of America.

According to the agreement, Boeing will control Embrair's civil operations for $ 4.2 billion and allow 80 percent of the new capital to be controlled. The remaining 20% ​​belongs to Brazil.

It will not allow the US company to seat up to 150 seats.

Embraer's military planes and the executive aviation movement were lifted.

Browns will own a 51% stake and Boeing 49%, which will set up more teams to ship Embraer's KC-390.

With an estimated turnover of about $ 6,000 million and an estimated 16,000 turnover, Ambroir is a Brazilian gem industry with a range of civilian, military, and business jets.

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