Thursday , January 28 2021

Amphalithini is new

New Year's New Stadium. At the beginning of 2019 Jos Amalfitney You are washed face. After closing a deal with Darrarl, they started painting the field Vlez This reflects the refinement of Superliga Argentina by De Fobbole.

In addition, the company with an agreement with the paints company (external, internal, sports ground and sports center) has various ranges. It should be remembered after 2011 Amalfitani Do not paint the paint. There will be a few liters needed to move out of the luxurious playground. Without any expense.

For the first part of the agreement, a liter of color liter is about 25,000 rupees, and a cost-adjusted workforce for a casino and a variety of dependencies. David GonsleyVice President Ford. Like the stadium

It should be remembered a few weeks ago Līniyars They began to sign the rebuild of the wheel of the Old Fort (Old Ancient Fort). Bashedoudo, Smailel, National Defense and Pizarro, were abandoned long before.

"We believe that we are quick and important in expanding our land expansion and we are at the center of the growing neighborhood and is a big pole of sports and cultural development that will revitalize social and cultural life, part of the neighborhood" petition.

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