Wednesday , January 20 2021

An unprecedented and shocking photo of the moon's hidden face spread

China "Overall success " His historical mission Hidden face of the MoonBut he warned Remote control robot Have to be used in the lunar surface.

Examination Chang'e -4 On the 3rd of January The first moon of the story of the moon's hemisphere It remains firm on the earth. It is a decisive stage in Chinese space exploration.

The remotely controlled vehicle, Yutu-2 ("Jade Rabbit 2"), went out of analysis a few hours after landing and was located in the lunar surface for analysis.

Chang's e-4 test He photographed the photograph published by the National Space Administration (CNSA) in China on Friday. A 360-degree picture depicts the gray surface, the robot and its wheels.

You have noticed that there are small craters around this test, "said Lu Chunlay, the chief commander of the Shang-X mission quoted by the Qinhu news agency.

This test has landed on the land on the south pole of the barge and is located in the Aitken basin, the largest impact of the solar system.

The crater near the Robot – one meter wide and four feet deep – is a challenge for engineers on their way.

The first section of this operation is described by CNSA as "complete success" after the test, and two photos were sent via the satellite that sent the robot to the Earth to send information to the quake.

This operation will be referred to the "Scientific Exploration Phase".

Changge-4 The moon's surface, cosmic radiation and solar winds should be studied on the surface of the Moon. Chief Engineer of the country's application, Hong Hongco, told CCTV. Ground

Scientists believe that the inner structure of the Moon and the knowledge of the evolution of the Moon are well-known.

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