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Antonio Belli and Maria do not condemn Wobard's daughters to test firearms – 01/12/2019

Plaza Day. Owner of the Mayo's mother, Jebi de Bonafini, is requesting the government to request new Tasser arrays. That's the fact that 7-year-old Antonio Morini, president of Maurice Mackery.

"You see that those guns are going to be used, will they not die?" Try it with Makhari's daughter because they do not kill himLa Villail's children and La Bouller's children and their relatives. We will not see that they will kill. That's the only way I'll be trusted. "Last Day Plaza Plaza on Mt. Mount of Traditional Mound started last Thursday.

In that speech he is also called Soy bean before harvesting Reduction of the use of glibsnate in the crops of Buenwidth.

Following these public statements, the deputy ministers Lucia Lehman and Marcela CampanoliFrom the coalition in Chicago, this Monday in court, "Encroach on collective violence"According to the Penal Code, it is a crime Between 3 and 6 years imprisonment is imposed.

He was approached according to the complaint's draft ClarenceLegislators say, "We are convinced that we will normally and lawlessly act."

Attorneys have emphasized the dangerous call for the burning of soybeans. Bonaphine said: "If we are courageous, we must go with people. When they are ready to remove soy beans, they can not add anything to collect ashes.. Let's see if we fire a few flocks in the field, let's go see if they go to put glirrifate. "

For Lehman and Campanoli these words "exceed the personal opinion and it is simply a His followers were summoned to oppose personal property At the end and in addition, against those who try to avoid it. Due to the seriousness of the facts, we are committed to promoting the present for the purpose of carrying out the relevant test. "

"It's not a matter of jébi de bananas, or especially of someone, but a system that we take for Argentina," he said, "and we have to remove it, not only in reaction, but also in a dangerous philosophy Politics as the violence of violence. Our story is dead Therefore, it would not be possible to accept such vowels, "Lehman said. Clarence.

"It is regrettable that violence has naturally become a violent incitement of violence and violence." Can not be tolerated"

In April 2018, Mauricio Macri (President), governor of his daughter, Antonio and Myiansos, Governor Hugo Pollard,

In April 2018, Mauricio Macri (President), governor of his daughter, Antonio and Myiansos, Governor Hugo Pollard,

In their presentation, they endorsed the ideology, whatever it was, after Nazism and Germany's Second World War.

Compared with these new violent sayings? "It is taught the use of very fine examples for clarifying a concept." Nazism is a very serious issue but the fact is not Nazism, but what has Germany gone forward to free from unnecessary ideology? Provide cultural change and approval to anyone who promotes malicious speech"CIRR of Santa Fe.

"There are fascist elements for any proposal that puts forward a political concept, and we can not bear it, let's go much more freely.

"The mismatch with an idea or principle is a massive call to attack children's health."

"Like the same dreadful rule that has been unpublished one day to the next day, They are called for hatred and physical engagement without legal grounds against children. If justice is resolved, we will not remain silent, and we will tolerate these barbarities that will create more hatred and divisions, "Campanoli added.

"We are the representatives of the people and are filled with these violent stories and we should avoid the republic's tools. Judges do it for them"Buñosian was assembled.

Campanoli and Lehman as tribute to the survivors of the Second World War

Campanoli and Lehman as tribute to the survivors of the Second World War

It was directed by Guillermo Pihera that the words of the owner of the motherland were rejected yesterday.

"The expression of de Beebie de Bannifique's expression is an expression of anxiety, unreasonable and legitimate accusation of a crime of incitement to collective violence and popular intimidation." "The organization declared.

On the other hand, these statements are said to be "contrary to the fairness and democratic life of the political process, and respecting individual rights, clearly contrary to democratic life, by condemning a state prosecutor."

It's not the first time

Heibu de Bonafini, for the first time, was the main character of the president of the president's church and Juliana Awada's daughter, Antonio Maccabi, who was the main character of the Plaza de Mio speech. The 90-year-old has already named the 7-year-old girl a few times.

On August 3, 2017, he said: "I'll talk to Mackarie's daughter, and you have everything you've done with the hunger of thousands of people in this country and thousands of children. Tell him," Your old man did not win it by a good law, and if boys can eat it, you will have to sacrifice it . & # 39;

In March 2018, she repeated this: "I hope that Antonia will become a day of rebellion and guerrilla, as she did with the son of Artyoguaray, and I will half a wizard and Antonia guerrilla!"

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