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Argentina corona virus: 82 new deaths and 9,902 confirmed cases in last 24 hours

On Friday, April 2, 2021, the Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours, 82 deaths and 9,902 new coronavirus infections were registered. This way, The total number of infected people since the outbreak is 2,373,153 and the death toll is 56,023.

Of the total deaths, 42 were men . And 38 women .

Two individuals (one from Buenos Aires and one from Entourage Rios) were reclassified without sex data.

Of the 9,902 cases, 5,016 were from Buenos Aires, 1,699 from Catamarca, 189 from Chaco, 48 from Chubut, 194 from Chubut, 1947 from Coriants, 697 from Cඩෝrdoba, 52 from Juju, Entourage, and Juju. , 67 from La Pampa, 51 from La Roja, 235 from Mendoza, 89 from Missiones, 60 from Newcastle, 36 from Rio Negro, 67 from Salta, 43 from San Juan and 141 from San Luis. , 58 from Santa Cruz, 469 from Santa Cruz, 104 from Santiago del Estero, 68 from Tierra del Fuego and 265 from Tukuman.

According to the Epidemiology section, In Argentina, 3,619 patients with coronary heart disease were admitted to intensive care. The country-wide bed-occupancy rate is 55.9%, compared to 61.9% in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (AMBA).

on the other hand, 50,043 tests were performed in the last 24 hours Since the outbreak, 8,982,815 diagnostic tests have been performed on the disease. To date, 195,176 active positive patients have been registered across the country and 2,121,954 have been cured.

From the numbers analyzed by Information Data Unit It follows Over the past 19 days, the weekly average increase in new patients per day was 88%.

Nationally, both the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires administrations consider that this situation has changed compared to last year. Because there is an already established health system and more knowledge about how the virus spreads, The rate of increase in cases It bothers the authorities at all levels. Add to that Relaxation of social fatigue, preventive measures and, after nearly a year of quarantine Increased stay in intensive care beds.

those The peak of the first wave was October 21, when 18,326 patients were reported in a single day. At the time, the seven-day daily average was 15,051 new patients per day, up from 16,056 reported on Wednesday. There may be more noticeable differences between one day or another due to the delay in loading, and in addition, there are usually fewer reported weekends.

Located in the province of Buenos Aires A mobile spub unit operating in La Plata to strengthen active search for cases According to the provincial health ministry, the provincial capital, Corona, is the worst-hit district in Buenos Aires.

“From next Monday, the province of Buenos Aires will be able to steal people with symptoms from a truck. Manuel de BatistaConversing with Assistant Director, Health Zone XI Telem.

The mobile spub unit will be installed next Monday at Plaza San Martin Platinum, The Ministry of Health, led by Daniel Golan since the outbreak of the epidemic, is known as the Detector as part of an active search strategy. It is found to cause blockages throughout the entire epidemic and an active health policy. Increase in cases.

“Considering this warning of an increase in cases, it was decided to find out This truck will be operational this week to provide access to symptomatic patientsComplete with de batista.

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