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By Hernan Lobardi Floreal de la: "I can not afford it" – 01/20/2019

A simple question Mayera Legendar (91) could be submitted We will change The next presidential election to be held in October is to be held on Sunday Warm surroundings Between your two guests.

It has been asked from the lunch Hernán Lobardi 58. In what way is the state of the state and the owner of the federal system of the state? A woman who returns with the Chairman is the woman.

"This has always been discussed and it is a question of equilibrium"Said Lombardy.

So, V Flowers (43), was also invited to the table CikīSpeak up with furious ideas. "Well, it's not Michelle"Said the actress and host.

Hernan Lobbard of the Mirena table. (Twitter)

Hernan Lobbard of the Mirena table. (Twitter)

"I'm thinking Gabi and a candidate"Said the former Culture Minister in Buwaneo-yeres."He has done a good job"Said Maithra."No, I do not like it, I do not like your thoughts, I will never divulge what she has to say about women in certain subjects "

He perfected his perfect face: "This was a decisive year for many in the country. And I think that we are not going to forget the election any day. "

At that time, the driver Evening flowers (In the magazine's 13th-place magazine) stated that this year she would be bringing all her paper names Those who do not always want to belong to the Nation's Congress.

"What I think people who we want to root out than others think"Before the cameras, just, controversial.

"I can not allow it … I urge you to avoid itIn Argentina history, we ask you not to use the word "get rid", it's not good, "Lombard said at the time.

Mites visible on the table (Twitter)

Mites visible on the table (Twitter)

"Reverse such thoughts"Interceded Seoul Peiris (25), was invited to the LLB Circle. "I see it Now they are more serious than what I say"Florence was safe.

"Gabriela has great talent. This massive debate on the law of disruptions was in all of this. I share your position, but We must use it to respect others Dissident "reflects the head of the federal state media system.

"But with it along with the same law of marriage, With a great deal of the right to equality and respect "There are people.

"Sorry, Floret, it's not with youBut we have been raped by us in violent language, so we have to be careful. "Lombardi apologized.

"But The lecturer who was listening to us in this year's Congress worried meIt's extremely violent. They can not be trusted in the banks. "

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