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By raising your car costs, how do you plan on leaving a plan?

11 January 2019 – 16:09
Argentina has become a fantasy dream for many of Singapore's, while savings plans are more than a month and sometimes triple. What issues should be considered for reclaiming?

Argentina has become a dream come true dream come true, and it has sometimes increased to three times in monthly terms, depending on the monthly growth of each month. In addition, the data in the auto sector is not the most optimistic, and no improvements are expected in the future.

It is estimated that some 300,000 people have a problem paying the pay-off fee.

At the beginning of the year 2019, the car is located at a distance of 0 kilometers, and it can be watched by 47% relative to that same month a year ago, says Ámbito.com.

Add other data to consider:

  • Vehicle registrations fell by 40.9 percent in the year before to 10.9 percent in December from a year earlier.
  • In November, a 47.7% decrease was made in patenting for financing. According to the latest report published by Argentina's Automobile Dealers Daycare (Akara), apparel sales are worrying. 45% of the market.
  • Explanation: In 2018, a 100% increase in the dollar, which is approximately 45% of the time period, is therefore more than 80% of the value of cars. However, wages were less than 30%.

Self-defense plans

Estimated cost of over one million customers-this situation has been the most affected, especially for those already working: Quantum is sometimes tripled in some times and hundreds of contractors have rights. Apavādātmakaya. "

The president of the Motor Racing Association Alberto Dominos Dominio Príncipe. "Savings plans are falling, especially in most popular cars, this one three times as much as the wage ratio does not match that ratio, and for most consumers there are no inconsistent charges."

Pictures for Alberto Principles automotor

Albert Prins

He said, "There are two instances: the person who has been charged or discharged may not be able to continue to pay and lose the car, but the vehicle has not yet been removed and the plan has to be abandoned, until the premium 84 is completed The remainder will remain, the system will be able to recover their money, the system will remain. "

Particularly in popular cars, quota increases by three times, since savings plans are falling all the time. "(Chairman of CCA Alberto Francesco)

At the same time, the contribution to the new plans in the year 2018 was reduced to 80%.

Franco Rolland, an analyst at Abakebeb, an adviser at Abbekev, said: "The decline in the list of vehicle listings has begun to drastically drop since October, from the subscribers."

The average quota – the income ratio is 25%. "After that threshold, you are facing the risk of danger," Roland said. Today, many consumers are approaching this percentage and the issues have started: it is estimated that some 300,000 people have a problem to pay in a timely manner.

How to subscribe?

Mario Vaudilo of Protectora, a non-governmental organization, is concerned with all the issues that need to be considered before leaving the savings plan.

  • The first thing to consider is that successful bidders can not get back the car without canceling the credit (their already existing ones). Otherwise, a pledge can be triggered: if the vehicle is acquired through an auction and the selling price fails to recover the balance balance, it will be sent to the guarantors of the successful bidder. "This is worst," says Wadillo.
  • Alternatively, a prize can be transferred to another person as an alternative. But this operation is subject to the creditor's approval as the administrator's creditor, which includes guarantors and the promise.

Wadiloff's suggestion is that "a person can feel no recourse" to a person who has "no response". If not, the vehicle will be abducted across the country where there is no advantage in any country.

  • On the other hand, the security guard has stressed another point: the value of a vehicle purchased through a savings plan at any time may be higher than the price of the terminal list. This law is being read, but the sponsors are not honored because of the discounts and bonuses offered to customers outside the system. "

"My recommendation is that members have to discuss these proteins," said Mario Vadillo, a user of the recipients.

  • The followers of (not yet in the possession of vehicles) should be informed by the administrator of the plan in which they have decided to pay back, and they are required to inform the administrator of the repayment period and that they intend to recover the money. Size.
  • Refund of the basic fee (final cleaning fee, up to the finalized by the administrator) is submitted at the end of the plan. This amount should be reduced from administrative expenses and, if the notification fails, the plan to increase it to 4% will not be notified. The notice of withdrawal of the member should also be made to prevent the payment of the balance of payment.
  • There may be a plan to make a plan or plan to remove the changes in the vehicle's model over 20% or the administrator has not reliably reported this situation. "The fees paid in these cases are immediately repaid immediately and without penalty."
  • In order to sponsor, that plan can be transferred to another person in a "convenient" way, and according to what happens to the award winners, there is no "promise".

Source: Marianne Leauva (Ámbito.com)

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