Sunday , January 24 2021

CES 2019: Robots, things on the Internet and new TVs are more colorful

More than 4500 exhibitors, over 180,000 visitors and more than 6,000 special journalists were present at the exhibition.

One of the problems observed at the CES was the economic war between Apple and Google for the control of ioT items. (Abstracts in English in English).

Motor home appliances or home security systems from Amazon Alexa and Google's Assistant, many devices displaying systems that have been associated with many brand users.

Last Thursday, it was released on various American media. Amazon launches a platform for online streaming that is released in 2020, allowing you to enjoy entertainment.

Amazon already owns Twitch, a system that can share clips in their games. It is not a Youtube, but a player. The Google site belongs to Google.

If you return to the products presented in CES 2019, the first one is a viewing TV, and you are still not aware and when it comes to the stores. It's LG 65R9 is a 65-inch style showroom.

Samsung had a television set of 219 inches, and it was beautifully called The Wall.

In the video field, 8K was broadcast on the television for the television, and we do not know why this would justify the lack of content. However, the eight teams have been selected to broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In general, it is designed for human services and for the company. Samsung has identified its prototypes as Bot Bot (cleaned to clean the environment), Bot Care (to measure heart rate and blood pressure) and retail bottles, digital waiter restaurants ordered from the digger, and then order.

Already in the United States, another robot of $ 3,000 is in the United States, and Lovot is from Groove X, which serves to monitor infants.

In CES 2019, there were many devices for the Smart House, such as kitchenware, security services, speakers and Wi-Fi routers. As with other areas, there was a dispute between Amazon and Google.

In the end it is still not passed, but it shows the 5G high-speed couplings, but there is no need for artificial intelligence, although there is no general rule.

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