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Cholet Guneasu's target returns to Taalaam against Santa Martín de Tucuman – 01/12/2019

Pablo Giniyasu arrived in his Brazilian club in January 2016 at the Brazilian football tournament. But he showed his love from the first minute, but his experience is full of the good actions he put in him. 40-year-old Charlotte, on Friday, struggled to show off his emotional wealth when he achieved his great goal. Recalling the attack on the attack on San Martin de Tucumán, T. recalled: F.

The Juan Pablo Daring squad met his first official at the Point Pedro Madera Arena in Slalom, and on October 27, Copa Libertadores, before Capello, appeared on behalf of SuperLiggal on January 27.

After the end of Teno Komasta, The Takumant team was beneficial In the first half with Lucas Acquedo in the 26th minute, Cordillador Guevanescu's magic thanked them for competing.

At the age of six, Warsaw village in Crescent made a ball A left-wing missile Georges Karensa nailed the left angle of the guarded falls.

Gilinusu's second target was with the Talleres shirt. First? Another example was very similar. In June 2016, TM was played in the promotion for All Boys vs Floresta for the first time. When the match ends in the third minute, he has filled his left foot and returned to the highest plane after 12 years, and rejoiced Cordovan's.

Uruguay joined the Colombian Dior Moreno in Virginia Junior Arius Victory for Workshops10 minutes remaining until the end of the match.

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