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Christina Kirchner’s official: Greciana Pinafort Defamation of justice erupts on Twitter

During the trial of Amado Budo and Greciana Pinafort, document corruption and purchase of an economy car Credit:

“Sons of a great prostitute Commodore pie cassation stall … In January 2018, these creatines did not consider opening the fair [el excanciller] Hector Timerman dying shit pieces. Now they open it [el fiscal Carlos] Stornelli is in good health and free, ”he wrote on Twitter. Greciana Pinafort, The General Manager of Legal Affairs of the Senate, from where her signature is protected Christina Kirchner.

Minutes later, Pinafort deleted the tweet. Sadly, it was an amendment. Lawyer of Amado Boudo and former Foreign Minister Timer to the Chamber of Commerce because they believed the Supreme Court had upheld the appeal against the partial confirmation of the lawsuit against Carlos Stornelli, the lawyer who represented the prosecution in the case of illegal espionage and extortion. Were angry against. From a federal judge in Dollars, Alejo Ramos Pedilla. However, the Federal Chamber of Commerce in Mar del Plata decided to accept the appeals in mid-January.

Greciana Pinafort insulted Commodore Pige's cassation booth and later deleted it because he did a wrong court
Greciana Pinafort insulted Commodore Pige’s cassation booth and later deleted it because he did a wrong court

Pinafort He explained that although the Federal Criminal Council has not yet issued a statement on the matter, it maintains an insult to the Federal Chamber of Commerce in Mar del Plata. In 2018, he added, he only enlisted the help of “good and humane” federal judge Sergio Torres, who allowed Timerman’s release “on humanitarian grounds.”

Judges Bernardo Bidel and Eduardo Jimenez, The fair hall of the Mar del Plata Council has been formed, and in the case against Stornelli, it is argued that “the fact that their effects and social connotations may have created an institutional gravitational pull.” For this reason, it activated the “Casatoria example” in a unique way. The country’s highest federal criminal court now has the responsibility to decide whether to agree to review the appeals or to terminate the resolution. Mar del Plata.

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