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"Club can not be a burden" – 01/11/2019

After completing his final practice with Bunfield of the University of Louis Gwion University after his old colleagues, He further confirmed that he was no longer a bartender in the Twitter account. In this way, Wriggin will play 47 matches in Bunfield with 23 goals and run the race.

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But, before leaving the academy, he announced his decision. "Thanks to those who love fans, fans, loved ones for love, I would like to apologize otherwise, but I will find the time to talk.He wrote with farewell notes.

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It's huge, in addition to thanking people for the "love that has always been given me." "I must be honest with all of you. It was not easy for me to accept that what we signed at a given time would fail us and that we should not be a burden to the society and that I want to give up any problems or otherwise.He was assured.

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Finally, he added: "I will definitely determine that I have always acted in accordance with my beliefs and values. And with the consequences as face-to-face face-to-face. My old man told me to leave before, nothing was scared to conceal anything, so I tried to leave my life. I'll miss them, but if I want it always will be there. "

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The message of the Savinitech. @Daricvitaok

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