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Collective seized in the middle of Caballita: one injured in intensive care – 09/11/2018

Line 126 clustered in the afternoon of Friday morning in Caballito, Buenos Aires, and the person had to be hospitalized in intensive care with serious injuries.

The incident happened around 19 years on Pedro Goyena Avenue, between Morena and Viela, a few meters from Quemados Hospital.

Prisoner 44, full of passengers Being the culmination of many returning to their homes suffered an explosion on their backs, leading to a fire in the engine.

Sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Justice and Security described in detail that one person was transferred to Quemado Hospital and was hospitalized for intensive care while the other was treated at that health center for the consequences smoke inhalation.

In addition, two women were moved to the Durand hospital various polytraumatics, one in the ankle and the other on the side when he is leaving the bus.

The driver, whose identity did not pass, suffered "a mild abstinence inhaled smoke "and was treated on-site by an outpatient clinic, informed Telam of its director Alberto Crescent, who said the incident was" practically dominated by firefighters intervention. "

The passengers dropped before the flame took the whole group, and firefighters, alerted by neighbors, began to quench the flame.

In the various videos that began to circulate in social networks, it was observed that the flames burn completely the vehicle.

Dense curtain Black smoke could be seen from different points of the City, reported Twitter users.

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