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Cybercriminals claim to have hacked Argentina, GobR and hijacked 50 gigabytes of information: government denies

Like the immigration case at the end of October, cybercriminals were able to hack the domain Argentina.Gob.R They hijacked 50 gigabytes of information. They will release the information in a week.

Clarion “It simply came to our notice thenRevealA group of cybercriminals operating through extortion software to extort money from companies and government agencies around the world.

You can see folders in a dark web link that can be accessed through browsers like Tor. There you see it as part of the stolen content, as evidence of hacking.

In addition, official government sources told the media that it was an attack It was produced via a high-speed page on Monday. They are currently working with computer security specialists to understand the scope of the attack.

The Ministry of Innovation refused to make this unauthorized copy. “We have uncovered information circulating regarding an alleged assault and theft of information at the portal, which is untrue.” The dark web.

“As you can see in the images of the stolen data, they refer to the directories of the Windows operating system, and the entire structure of the portal is developed in the Linux operating system. In addition, the folders and files shown do not match. The portal contains no information. Uploading Word-type files is not uncommon, ”they argued.

Rivil: The that has now affected Argentina

Rivil: The that has now affected Argentina

Official sources queried by Clarence said that the images shown by the National Cyber ​​Security Directorate, via Emergency Coordination on Telephonometrics Networks (CERT), may have coincided with information stolen from an attack carried out by extortion software a few days ago.

Rivil’s threat

You must contact us. If you do not do this in a week, we will publish all the information downloaded from your website (50 GB of information), explains Rivil, a group of cyber criminals Extortion by demanding money to return stolen information.

So far, the state of Argentina has not exceeded the number of people demanding money for abductees, but the situation has even surfaced on social media:

Hacked domain This is called “generator”, which is the web domain ecosystem.

Specifically, is the website you can create Various personal procedures: Managing personal credentials such as vaccinations, health plans, reporting cases of domestic violence, services for the disabled and most importantly DNI or passport.

The government is trying to assess the potential sensitivity of the information seized, as explained. .Gov is used by the U.S. federal government and was founded in 1985. It will be translated locally.

What is Revil: Ransomware as a service

Hacker.  Photo: Shutterstock

Hacker. Photo: Shutterstock

Revil is a type of RAS: “Ransomware as a Service”, A form of extortion that is “contracted” as a service to attack companies and government agencies.

Launched last year for the first time, this is the first time this has been offered as a contract service. The main link in Ransomware is unknown (UNKN) And works as a filtered service: those in the system are credited and then approached 60% of the ransom payment.

Ransomware is a malicious program, abbreviated as “Data Recovery Program”: in English extortion means rescue, and the product is an abbreviation of the well – known word software. A data piracy program.

Ransomware is a subtype of malware “Malicious program” (malware). However, this type of virus works by restricting access to parts of our personal information. Usually, cybercriminals take advantage of this and demand something: money.

Some extortion software can lock the system in a simple way, while more advanced ones use a technology called “crypto virus” extortion, in which the victim’s files are encrypted and not fully accessible.


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