Thursday , January 28 2021

Despite having doubled its purchases, BCR lost $ 38.03 in 15 cents

Ticket in a 39 cents a week – Single and Free Foreign Exchange Market (MULC) North American currency It was 18 cents for $ 36.90Today, $ 37,379.

Week Last week it fell 47 cents to fall for the fourth straight year.

This was shown by operators $ 40 million auctionedIn the previous unsuccessful attempts to withdraw money into the series, $ 20 million was added to the previous day.

However, After declining, prices recovered and were relatively low, at $ 37 a barrel.

Starting from the beginning, it has been registered at a maximum of US $ 37.20, starting with a small incremental order with special orders.

In the final days, the appointment of an official to auction off a second auction under the second controlling control of the supply of this supply and external income (august $ 400 million worth of poverty-related exports) was officially appointed.

Prices continued in the second half of the session, underscoring at the end of the period, when the large-scale dollar reached a minimum level of $ 36.90. Traded trade was down 4% to US $ 579 million.

In addition, BCRC's average daily income is $ 140,353 for a gross daily-gross auction of $ 58.107%, a maximum of 58.45% and a minimum conversion rate of 56.999%.

In this way, the minimum price has fallen since the currency policy was implemented on October 1.

"The prices confirmed by official strategy and the relevance and relevance to them The dollar values ​​did not fall to the desired levels or forecasts The return to return to the most optimistic, little by little, is a backbone of backwardness in the shifts, historically, to some extent instantly resolved, "says operator Gustavo Quinnana.

An analyst, Fernando Jesuto, on his side, signified "Financial market operators expect to lower the BCRA interest rate To disconnect other economic variables, if it's a dollar, it's already & # 39; Is. "

Other market

In the informal market, on the other hand, Blue unlocked $ 39.25According to the survey conducted by the media in the caves of the caves in Bowenno-Ayers Towns. On the contrary, "contado con liqui" rose 22 cents to $ 37.24 a fortnight on Thursday.

in the Summon money market money This was generally 56%. Dollar 163 million was agreed to buy Pezos by using dollar purchases next Monday and Tuesday.

in the RofexA total of $ 636 million was discussed, of which 45% agreed in January and February, at $ 37.08 and $ 39.15 a share, up 49.46% and 46.37% respectively.

On the other hand, the Central Bank has increased US $ 96 million to US $ 66,041 million.

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