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Diego Perez y Carna’s work highlights: “Mar del Plata is empty, no thieves”

Diego Perez, Carna, Alc‍ron and Alfredo Silva (Photo: Multitetto)
Diego Perez, Carna, Alc‍ron and Alfredo Silva (Photo: Multitetto)

“There are no thieves in Mar del Plata. The other day I went out to dinner with my colleagues and we joked about it, ”he tells her. George Carna Kriveli that Teleshow Minutes after the official announcement that his acting career was on the rise this weekend. “We are announcing the exhibition “The Four Wonders of Humor” Work scheduled for this week will take place at the Atlas Theater in Mar del Plata. Farewell to the season on Sunday morning, January 17 ” Announced the Multiteatro account covering the room.

with the Diego Perez, Alcron and Alfredo SilvaUntil the end of the week, the actor will include his body in the comedy show La Felice. “There are very few. The city is empty. The flow of trade unions is not there. You can even tell by the number of police officers. There are only those who come to control the plague. Karna is talking about a different period of time than all that. “Further, I think people are scared to go to the theater. They went to the breweries and were half a meter away but … I don’t understand! I saw the work of Job and Sergio Renan. Like us, the distance we drive is eight feet. In cinemas we maintain social distance. We all take care of it. Alcohol gel can be obtained by heating. You have very little chance of catching it in the theater ”Adds a comedic actor who has been around for more than two decades.

Announcement of rising work (Twitter: ultmultiteatro)
Emerging task announcement (Twitter: ultmultiteatro)

“It simply came to our notice then. Our producer Dario Arelano put in a lot of effort. Like Carlos Rotterburg. But you have to keep rowing it. I do it for all those who are worse than us. At least we are healthy … ”, Karna reflects. He adds: “I worked here last year My wife is called Mauricio Even in March, there were very few by now. Yesterday I went to the gym for coffee at noon and no one was there. He can come to Scania and park wherever he wants. I love this city so much that it kills me. ”

Thanks to two sponsors, the actor will be able to go on with his family for a while longer, with the ability to serve on the radio. “We will stay until the end of February and continue to fight! My wife has a job and she works very well. She saved me last year… It helps from a moral point of view as well as financially. Because this is a slap in the face ”He points out and breaks down and then says: “But there are those who are bad.”

In full, George Carna Cryveli received the statue for the Bossie Master Exhibition (Eduardo Aguada).
In full theaters, George Carna Cryveli received the statue for the Bossie Master Show (Eduardo Aguada).

No less damage, Diego Perez also shared his feelings. His beginnings in particular, When they were about to release it, it was infected with Kovid-19. Fortunately, the disease went well. “This is the first time I’ve had to lift before. Expectations were not met … it costs a lot of money and sales are low. Let’s see if we can continue the tour we plan to do later, ”he said, adding that he had moved to the city with his family on January 2 after the whole family tested positive for the suspected virus. “We were screened on the 6th and it hurts to have to go through this, but as usual we will fight with her again. Don’t feel attacked! ” As Diego points out, he says he plans to stay at Mar del Plata for a few more days to rest after such a difficult year.

Posters of the work they have to build (Photo: Pablo Rigio)
Posters of the work they have to build (Photo: Pablo Rigio)

Under the stage, but while committed to the city and the theater as actors, Carlos also talks about Rotterburg A situation you expected last weekend In his exclusive column for Teleshow. “After more than 17% of visitors last summer – as announced at the time – we will now be down 94% from that time in the summer of 2020,” he said. The same price of tickets, verified truth, inflation has been maintained. Yes, only 6% of the audience will attend the Mar del Plata Theater in the summer of 2021., He assured shortly before the screen was raised.

Diego Perez regrets finishing work (Photo: Instagram diegopcalamar)
Diego Perez regrets finishing work (Photo: Instagram diegopcalamar)

Now, when he says goodbye to the first play in one of his cinemas, he says. “I knew it was a season that could not be fixed from the beginning. That’s why for the first time in history I changed the color of the cover of the notebook where I wrote the collection numbers. “For obvious reasons, 2021 will break the usual pattern every summer,” I posted on Twitter with a photo of the notebooks. In addition, the manufacturer adds: “I came here because I did not go to pick up the remains of Mar del Plata during my 43rd continuous and continuous drama.” It is unclear whether this is the case after the 2001 crisis. “This is NO season. There is no comparison between the founding of the city of Peralta Ramos and the opening of the theaterHe points out after evaluating the efforts of the actors and individuals working behind the scenes.

Pedestrian Rivadavia was full of people (Photo: Tori Palenzuela)
Pedestrian Rivadavia was full of people (Photo: Tori Palenzuela)

Meanwhile, La Campana Theater owner Tori Palenzuela shares a photo of himself speaking: “What happens with La Rivadavia is fascinating. Kovid has broken all the economic, social, mental tissues … I don’t think all the work will come in February … some have already announced their departure. That there are fewer and fewer people in the city.

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