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Fernando Bernardo told Diloruz Fonsi. Threatening her for her trial – 01/11/2019

Dolores Fonsi It was sent with everything in TV, It does not mean thatObviously, it is clear to the lawyer Fernando BernardoSecurity guard Juan Ḍārṭēs Darker Telma Fardine She was raped by her in Nicaragua. While she was a minor, during the "Adventure Daxling" tour.

Shape figure Telma Ferdin. (Photograph: Ellin Grenburg)

Shape figure Telma Ferdin. (Photograph: Ellin Grenburg)

Now, Fernando BernardoColvicio de Atris, although he was in Argentine's TV Firdous In his case, he does not mention his name, He grabbed that gang and attacked Fonsili with terrible legal conditions. There he promised to promise justice to bring out its reports.

Dolores Fonsi It exploded Ruins It was stated that it was published Carla BedelliSister Whale The disclosure is controversial He does not believe that the actor has violated herThey are incorporated by lawyer for the trial being investigated in Nicaragua.

Stock Image Dolores Fonsi. (Photo by: FS / Juan Herero).

Stock Image Dolores Fonsi. (Photo by: FS / Juan Herero).

It seems that this situation has occurred. Fonts He sent him away RuinsDo not write down your name or lawyer's name. The actress is twitter.

Rapid response and performance for efficient, Fernando Bernardo He handed himself over himself via Twitter.

Let's see what we're looking at now Dolores Fonsi Before the ability to take the court, where? Ruins I will start it Crimes and civilian actions against you.

On the other hand, it can be seen as an Acronis Collective, a partner Fonts He does not appear for his defense against the defense attorney's statement Fernando Bernardo. The time has come.

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