Tuesday , May 24 2022

Financial Day: The stock market continued to rise and the alternative dollar peaked during the year


Argentine assets take advantage of a positive global trend
Argentine assets take advantage of a positive global trend

those Argentina shares were active with upgrades A few weeks before the mid-term legislative elections, amid speculation about the local economic and political future, speculators are expected to take office in business on Friday.

Subscribe Positive trend is another winning wheel on Wall Street, In the range of 0.5 to 1.1 percent, as indicated by the main references.

This infected other stock markets as well as other markets such as cryptocurrencies Bitcoin traded over 61,000 Dollars. The Bowespa Index rose 1.3 percent on the So Paulo Stock Exchange.

Leading index S&P Marvel rose 2.3% to 81,990 on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange., After a 2.2% improvement in the last session and the ruling party’s defeat in the preliminary elections in mid-September, hit a nominal final level on Monday, September 13, hitting an interday all-time high of 83,923.

Unlike stocks, sovereign bond prices were subject to change Average 0.6% decline for global bonds In dollars, which leads to Argentine fixed income abroad.

In that sense, d Risk country JPMorgan, who is measuring the ratio of US Treasury bonds with similarly emerging issues, reached five points above 5pm for Argentina. 1,634 points fundamental, Highest value since March 10th end.

Affects the activation of sovereign bonds Lack of definition of an agreement between the Government of Argentina and the Fund The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised about $ 45,000 million in September amid rising inflation and a sharp rise in inflation to 3.5%.

In the meantime he The free dollar closed at $ 186.50 this Friday For sale, with one peso rise, the wholesale dollar rose two cents to $ 99.18. The exchange rate gap against the “blue” dollar reached 88%.

Buenos Aires stock market Marvel maintains 60.1% gain in peso and 15.6% gain in dollar by 2021 -Consider settling-

The informal currency traded at $ 187 after 12.00 noon, returning to the highest price levels of the year already registered last September.

Sources Central Bank The institution showed that Bought over $ 30 million And closed the week with purchases of US $ 360 million It accumulates more than $ 310 million in net purchases in October, Is a point that needs to be highlighted as this month is seasonally negative for official interventions.

Shares of non-public sector bonds rose to a record high this Friday. Senebi is $ 193.33 to the dollar Through the GD35C, the best-selling title of the wheel, it concentrated nearly $ 3.8 million on operations of all its variants.

The senebi dollar rose 3% a week from $ 187.72 on october 7 and the stocks were exceptionally similar. $ 194.25 (+ 1.4% per week).

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