Tuesday , May 18 2021

Google Translator: Translator shows an unusual message when placing Milagros Leiva and surprises thousands. | Viral | Photos | tendencies

A great surprise generates an unusual message in social networks that appears in Google Translator when someone writes "Milagros Leiva"in controversial translator Google, who was in a "storm blast" for incorrect translations.

As the author described in detail, he wrote the name "Milagros Leiva" in Google Translator, randomly selected two languages ​​and was surprised by the unexpected result translator Google has proven and is far from reality.

According to the publication, if you select "Urdu" in "Spanish" and write "Milagros Leiva"In Google Translator, Google Translator will show you a result that has nothing to do with the name of a Peruvian journalist.

As you can see in the picture instead of leaving your name Milagros Leiva. translator Google shows an unexpected result: Merguservice cam, which surprised more than one netizen in social networks.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Google Translator was in a "storm blast" for a similar result. Before that, translator Google has replaced the name of various artists, athletes, politicians, etc.

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