Wednesday , January 20 2021

Hantavirus: tries to stop the chaos of the nation and Chubut

In this way, Dr. Carlos Malbrán, together with experts in biotechnology, the National Health Authorities, the National Administration Laboratories and the National Institutes of Health (ALICE), together with local administrators, is one of the worst affected areas of Shir in the Andrian Pattanjiya, in the village of Empene, Preventive and supportive functions.

Within a group of people in the zone, at the Regional Escali Hospital at the Escalade Hospital, students from Hontons were screened for the first events of the mysterious plague prior to December 13th.

Similarly, they have been trained to develop rapidly tested tests. People who do not have such symptoms may be able to identify the disease, contribute to the preparation of samples of patients in the area and to the preparation of samples of those who are sick. .


Yellow fever: The government approved new vaccination centers

In addition, training was provided for the care of nursing care professionals, nurses and intensive care units.

Therefore, Alice began studying the order of "viral genome" and "complete human genome". To identify whether there is a broadcast of the telecast and whether there are any distortions to enhance its deadly character.

For this reason, the assumption that epidemiological tests of events and information is being transmitted by experts to the individual is transmitted to an individual by a person when it is spreading. Analysis of the "definite outcomes" of the analysis by the unit's unit of the Biosafety Resistance Center, according to the news agency Tel.

Commenting on this, a sub specialist in preventing and controlling Miriam Burgos, Communication and Prevention of Diseases, explained: "Doctors, infectious diseases, epidemiologists, laboratories, synopsics and indigenous medical agents are often frequent travelers. . "

Patients with a serious illness are transferred through a deadly bypass. Accordingly, Local Councils have asked the provincial councils to reduce by 25% according to members of the Prevention and Abatement Council. Against Hantavirus

On the other hand, the Chubut health minister, Agriddin Peassi, in Argentina filed a petition in the city's public prosecutor's office asking the court to take legal action to ensure the rightful isolation of the affected people. Esquel.

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