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His father and two sisters died from hantavirus: "They lost when they woke up" – 01/11/2019

The "Valle Family" in front of a white house in Cal Amke, earlier in the year before being open for many years without an iron door. This sentence has been removed after the Huntiris killed three of its members and thrown it into the throat of another.

For several weeks, father Aldo Welle (61) and his daughters Jessica (30) and Laurally (32) died. He stayed for 10 days at the Escalo Hospital, Eldor's son, Sojoyan Wollay (27), while Ninfa Apowood, 90, and a well-known prediction by the local hospital, stayed home for 90 days. .

Nowadays, a nurse Sebastian cries out with inanity. After a fateful fate he separated him from the most loved one and tied them with one blow.

Sptgetian Well, 27 years old by Huntvair. Photograph: Marcelo Martinez

Sptgetian Well, 27 years old by Huntvair. Photograph: Marcelo Martinez

His father, a city worker, died on December 11, and Melody died and his sister, Lorali, who served as his sister, Asine, took care of his sister Jessica, 774, on January 9. The day before birth was the day a woman spent it in the intestine in the intestine. He and his centenarian grandmother touched him. "She is a great woman of strength," says a young woman named Claire.

On November 3, Lara Sylvia Volley, the father of Aldo's 15th birthday in the pampain room, was the father of one patient.

After buried in Laureli Sebastian tired and fell into his bed. The next morning, December 24, he was diagnosed with a fever. In a few minutes, he thought it was the psychological tragedy of a missionary exercise. He checked the thermometer to test it to be so wrong. He had a temperature of 38. Then he was a family member.

"The fever is discarded, and nothing is asleep and sleeping in the bed.I come upstairs, break it with the medicine, but it gets worse, then you can not pass the exam whenever you excite me, and always turn my back I was more hurt and could not fill my lungs. "

The doctors have released him and there is no sympathy for the infection. "A particular character here is to keep up everything," he says, "and try to stay in good health for other sufferers."

Sometimes he talks on the street, the green, and the horizon. Brights without the words you are looking for. About 24 hours after his departure, his sister, Jessica, felt a sore throat. The father and her sister have died and her brother has recently recovered and is receiving treatment at the Women's Hospital. Ordinary trials were normal, and the blood tests did not identify the disorders caused by the infected people, and was the first warning signal established by Malbrun.

Escape from the tragedy.

Escape from the tragedy.

Sebastian shared the house of Kale Amance with Aldo's mother and his sister Jessica with Aldo. His relationship with Lorraine is that he lives in a different place every day. "We are very close and we loved each other very much." No one is ready to do this. Doctors are different things. I am not blaming anyone, as we are learning, he says.

On the day he left the hospital, he went to the experts at the Medical Center to find out how to proceed. "I have left and nobody has told me anything," he said. "I asked if I could, I would not be infected or infected, but I do not think I think they do not know exactly," he adds.

Like many homes in his home, his home was built on a generous space. It operates without the sky. Many of its inhabitants lived there. The background of the Vole family was a ritual. Get out of bed soon, work, learn. There is a brawl with a team. Then it was kissing. But I'll see you later. By the same day, the virus was not known, but they died. "When they rise early in the morning, they will go out," he says.

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