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It's about 40% faster than the oceans

January 12, 2019 By Steve Hanley

News Flash The ocean speed is about 40% faster than forecasts a few years ago. The new study, published on January 11, contains the discovery Science. We will return to our regular program that is already running. Go sleep again, Mr. President. There's nothing to see here. Proceed.

Sea temperature rise

For those interested in learning more about this report, Berkeley Earth's independent climate survey team's Energy Systems Analyst Saki Houseford and the study author, New York Times"The hottest year for the Earth's oceans in 2018 is the hottest year in 2017 and a very warm year in 2016. The best thermometer for Earth's changes is truly oceanic."

So the ocean water gets a bit warm. so what? It's just when we go to the beach, the water is not cold, right? We can be replaced instead of the sun Kajon Turn off. That's good, is not it? Indeed, researchers say that 93% of the heat from the sun is absorbed. The latest studies show that the ability to absorb more heat quickly comes to an end.

When this happens, the atmosphere is already even more heated and the effect of the warmer planet is even greater. Faster ice temperatures, more desertification, more powerful storms, heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels. World's oceans are in a mess. Imagine something like melting boiling water. It will be like a bowl of water until it begins to boil. Then suddenly, within a few seconds, it will become a blast of intestines.

"If the ocean did not absorb excess heat, it is now hotter than the surface of the earth," said Malin L. Lange, professor of ecology, evolution and natural resource department at Rutgers. Says Prinsky. University of. In fact, let us save ourselves from the immense heat that is now in the ocean. "

How do the temperatures of the ocean compare?

Scientists who have prepared recent studies immediately disperse the climate's percentage. The ocean is large. The result is definitely doubtful because it is difficult to record and accurately record their temperature. The greedy people who are screaming around the world on holidays are hoping to steal a few dollars through the government. Like burgers or strawberries, like the others, they are unwilling to do a real job.

Well, of course, they have a point. It's really difficult to measure the temperature in the ocean. Depending on the depth and the surface temperature, the chess is played in three different ways. Any tool is as good as the tool to perform.

For so long, researchers have taken ships behind the actual temperatures and recorded their findings. Today, scientists use floating electron beacons, which are part of the Argo network. The pine tree falls over days. It then transmits data collected back to researchers via satellite.

The latest author of the latest study is Ling Chen, the Beijing Institute of Atmospheric Sciences. The nearest water temperature has increased, and over the past two decades, the warming has accelerated. According to a report released in 2014, the IPCC has increased the temperature by 40%.

The influence of hot oceans

We've heard a lot about the rising sea levels of glaciers and ice caps. Many people understand that more maritime levels are caused by one law of nature. Hot water takes more space than cold water. That is because of the hot water that has been reported so far this morning. The increase in ice will come later.

The damage to the most powerful storms and coral reefs in the warm oceans can be ignored. Dr. Prinsky, a researcher at Redheads, says, "We are already seeing more conflicts in the ocean temperatures, increasing the temperature of the ocean and pushing fish far beyond fishing and transforming it into trading." It turned out to be diplomatic dispute. "Sometimes international relations have led to a breakdown."

Oh, great. Instead of fighting together to combat common threat, there is another reason for attacking warheads. There are no human wisdom in the causes of fear for our own species. Even if you are not a skilled psychiatrist, the answer to that question can be found.

Stay safe

Despite these latest discoveries, it is cautious to have Snow Leicester to minimize global warming, including the Paris Campaign in 2015. "I think we can not get the results we need, but we have a reason to avoid the worst results." My old Irish grandmother says, "Hope is not Salak."

Globalization Graphics

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