Sunday , August 14 2022

La Plata: Tug boat sinks after colliding with a tank | No injuries


The Argentine-flagged RUA II crashed into a fuel tanker this Saturday at La Plata on the island of Santiago. He helped to get the docks in the harbor.

According to official sources, the tugboat RAA II was assisting the “Punta Medanos” in the middle of entering the port of La Plata. No injuries were reported Because the ship sank in shallow water.

Due to the severity of the collision, a tug (left) on the left side (hole) of the tugboat opened a bar and caused it to sink within minutes.

Immediately, Naval State For these types of search and rescue operations, the Cryo Protocol was followed. Maintaining constant communication with connected vessels, Coast Guard GC-129 Lago goes to Kolhu emergency area and rescues all crew, Was in good health and transferred to the local port.

After attempting to tow it, the damaged ship eventually sank, and divers from the rescue, fire and environmental protection station, drain control unit personnel, and container trucks arrived at the scene in a way that prevented any debris from occurring. It affects water sustainability. As part of that, the Punta Madanos anchored at the site without any injuries or injuries.

In order to prevent contamination from oil spills, which are usually associated with such accidents, both government authorities and the companies involved in the conflict developed a series of action plans that put the plan in place to combat corruption.

In the aftermath of the incident, authorities are investigating those responsible for these hours, and the nation’s Ministry of Transport’s Maritime Accident Board is analyzing the technical reasons for the attack.

The Rua II tugboat was built in 1976 at the Hikari Koigo KK dockyard in Japan, and has been remodeled and remodeled in local docks over a decade ago.

It was one of the largest powers in the operating company and was well suited to assist large ships in maneuvers. Its crew consists of 14 sailors, including its captain.

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