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Laírita Fernandez spoke of her relationship with her brother, Shores, in a tearful silence

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January 11, 2019

The dancer was the daughter of Cabra of Rubine's mother.

Laureta Fernandez A mobile phone was given for the TV program "Marian's diary" He spoke of the bond of the daughter of his current mate.

"For that purpose China I do not know her, I have her, but I do not know her. I do not want to talk about it. They have a wonderful daughter"The Broadcast and Television Program explained. In addition, ex "Fight" He said: "They have a good relationship, but I feel that I do not belong (to speak)".

On the other hand, a woman loved the relationship with the artist and her Rafinā He said "This is the first time I've ever met this beautiful car". "I know about Rafina before (Becoming a loving girl with Cabra), the theater. I talked to her more than I did with Nike.Finished the main character of the music "Sugar"Who eats? Mar del Plata.

A few days ago, Laureta Fernandez He revealed his closest desire Nicolas Cabre. She spoke of the deep love she felt in the dress and worked with her for the first time with her life.

"I felt the love I did not feel"He said Fernandes With extensive magazine coverage Faces He revealed that his main character, "My Brother Clone," loved him. You must be the father of your children. "Yes, I do!" When asked about it, "Never before had anything ever happened to me: Think about starting a family with your family tomorrow. I had previous relationships and affections. But I did not plan. "

In addition, he said this They spent time with one another And detailed "I first went along with my family, and they did not come up with new things for me, and I did not have another couple. Was with him in other ways:I feel love that I did not feel. "

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