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Lanes defeated the Banfield Classic Del Sur as a guest with a goal from Jardinarito Caz.


Lance and Banfield face off in a new edition of the Clසිකsico del Sur
Lance and Banfield face off in a new edition of the Clසිකsico del Sur

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Preview of the match

One special event takes place on the 16th day of the Professional Football League Lance Nestor Diaz Perez City, A platform that runs a new edition Classic of the South. Lance, who dreams of being at the top of the rankings, gets an informal Banfield. Telesisa: TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premium. Judge Dario Herrera.

Although this Garnet He appears in third place in the tournament with 26 points, seven behind captain River Plate but the truth is his current is not the best. It comes from a 4 to 2 fall against Boca Bombonera He won only one of his last four appearances.

One of the data that worries Luis Subeldia the most is his team They had a total of 24 goals, making them the second highest scoring team in the entire game. For this reason, the coach has the idea of ​​making some changes.

In security The entry of the multifunctional lateral Brian Aguirre stands out, But the question was who would leave the team to give him a place: Nicolas Morgantini would eventually watch the match outside. Captain Lotaro Acosta, after giving up muscle sorenessMarginalized him from the conflict with Xeneize, Angel will enter via Gonzalez. There will be another touch in the middle of the field Facunodo Perez by Matias Esquivel, Because looking for a bit of DT balance.

Although it was believed that Paraguayan Jorge Morale would be part of the sport, Subeldia fired him at a press conference after facing the third day of South American qualification because he thought he was not in a good position: It’s mentally very tough, the pull is huge. That’s why I believe they don’t come to important terms. He missed the opportunity to play from the start but we are going to consider it. ”

For Lannis, who has the support of his fans, it is important to settle all three points in the Copa Sudamericana positions. He has 45 points in the annual chart and with a win he will be able to reach the Estudians de la Plata line, where he fell 2-1 against defense and justice yesterday.

those Drill, For his part, he does not show formality in the tournament and his current situation is far from what led to Diego Amando Maradona becoming the finalist of the Cup, which earned him a ticket to the next Copa Sudamericana. With 14 units it appears at the end of the table. They won one of their last 12 games (2-0 against Atletico Tucson at Florenceio Sola).

With the intention of resurrecting and earning a loan, Javier Sangunetti makes three changes. On the right He begins his debut at the Leonardo Flores ClubThose who have been trained in the lower sections of Garnet. Suspended Emmanuel Coronal will be replaced by former Atlanta. What else, Franco Quinteros appears on the left before Gustavo Canto’s injury.

The setting is standardized by replacing Ramiro Enrique: Lotaro Rios or Nicholas Linarus. This variant allows Auguston Ursi to advance a few meters, becoming a friend of the team ‘s top gunman, Juan Manuel Cruz. On the other hand, Jesus Detolo did not recover on time and will continue to be out of the team.

Banfield’s main belief is in the record, It is at the top. In all, they played 94 games (both amateur and professional) with 38 wins for him. Drill. those GarnetMeanwhile, he won 28 times and drew the remaining 28 games.

The latest results are beneficial to society Green and white, given that those Garnet Will not be with him Classic of the South From April 2017. There was also the final preface Lance Nestor Diaz Perez CityThe tour was won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Julian Curranza.


Stadium: Lance Nestor Diaz Perez City

Judge: Dario Herrera

the television: TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premiums.

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