Tuesday , July 27 2021

Like Peal Peiris! Lizi Taggling showed his tail on social networking sites

When he sexually exploits his dogs, lubricant palmychius benefited, and his followers did not shame her. Look at the picture!


Lysi Taglyn It's always very genuine. You can see that rising images do not care about others' opinions, and you will laugh at the disapproved photos. In addition, the actor quietly teaches his surgeries. This time he photographed a photograph of his private Twitter account. You can see her in the photo at her home, purify the pets of her pets, and draw enough to see the tail.


"Adding the dog's slave, you always promised to drop jajjaja and @ fabianpeloc2012 instead of helping you photograph, I will give a photo of Burns" as he wrote in the social network of more than 100 million followers .

A few days ago, somnolence was contracted to remove eye glasses. Through your Instagram account, Lysi Taglyn He shared how and how he shared his relationship with his lovers. Despite her continuing, Lisie is compared with the face of a dog in the Chihuahua.


This will be a great year for Dev's as a conductor. The actor, the 90th entertainment tour of the "Fair Price" in February next year, will return to the Telefe screen in February next year. Monday to Friday will be telecast at 11.30 pm Lysi Taglyn Migue Granados and Pichu Straneo. In addition, you have the opportunity to play famous singers.

Lisi Tagli, a figure portrayed by her face after the operation,

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