Tuesday , July 27 2021

Lunar Eclipse 2019: When does the Red Superman see in Argentina?

You will see the chief of San …

This moon, the earth and the sun will be the eclipse and sole solar eclipse this year. At the same time, the Moon is close to the earth and is usually slightly larger. It's super.

Earth's atmosphere All elements of the sun's light The Earth's atmosphere is the "planet's blood" due to the color obtained from the Earth's atmosphere by the Earth's atmosphere. According to experts, It can be better than any fire.

Red moon

It can be seen all over the country and South America. From 23:36 At that moment the moon enters the darkness. At this stage, it will be lower than its brightness. According to the place, it will be about three hours.

Tips for enjoying the phenomenon

– telescopes or special lenses with the contact lens so that they can see the lunar eclipse.

The moon is very bright, but it can be seen in the city.

– The weather forecasts of each site will affect the phenomena of eclipse.

It is essential for a beautiful silence, with no night lightness.

-Buynoir Orie Planetarium, Galileo has been invited to the public of Galilee, with its welcome to arrive there and enjoying the lunar eclipse, music and open air aids, and with salient moments from San Marinto Mawatha and Fiagero Alcarra on Sunday 20th January.

What's next?

By Monday 1.41 pm, more than a slow and progressive dark hour, the Earth's moon's shadow tower is completely underneath. It will be the beginning of its entire duration, it is the most spectacular stage of the phenomenon that lasts for 1 hour. By then, on Monday, Bowen Ayers is located above the long eastern horizon of more than 33 °.

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