Friday , January 22 2021

Mareana Bray broke out of the sorcery confusion and studied LAM

Members did not give a tear when they kindly introduced abuses when engaged in child abuse.

MARINA BRAY screams at LAM

After the public complains to violate the law Telma Fardine a Juan DatsEntertainment Many women in the world were allowed to be abused. The most recent Greekella AlfanoThe person confessed: "I was a woman abused between 4 – 7 and because the neighborhood was disturbed, it was not penetrated, so no seed or penetration, pain or my person, my soul and my life. "

In that context Mareana Bray (40) took the floor Los Angeles de la Luna He avoided ending his sparkling talk, even with the intention of expose personal experience.

"When I was about 7 years old, I went to a neighborhood home, Donna Polola, she was fond of mine … Oh, I do not want to tell her," Breakaway said.

"It's huge, unfortunately, there are so many unfortunate incidents, and I tell you what happened to me, it is not necessary to turn it into a drama as it is not my own playwave, now at the age of 7, and now Luko Son) went to his neighbor's house because I donòÀÙt care, sheòÀÙs my grandmother … I do not want to tell you, without the tears or without pain.

Paying attention to what happened to his panel of experts, Angel Di Brito He understood, changed the subject, and Bray left the studio. "We told him to come out as he was able to recover." When we hear this evidence, stories are being read to all. And of course, she had a bad time at the time of her gas, and she went out, "Respect, Mariana moment to respect.

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