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MARY CONDO's followers are growing in the country and $ 8000 will be paid to order their wardrobe / set – 11/01/2019

Marie-Condo's world is a magic expression. As they say emphatically, this super hero can come to our house and emerge a very confused house. It will not come because we are distant. But with their books, a number of tutorials on YouTube and a lot of Argentina's new Netflix series are still in the house with their advice.

Who is this woman who speaks with this angel's face and nervous joke? 34 years ago her real name was born in Tokyo (Japan) 近藤 麻 理 恵. She built an entire company based on the "KonMari" method and ranked it among the most powerful people on the planet according to the Time magazine list.

A tent decorated with Martín Bonetto.

A tent decorated with Martín Bonetto.

Now his image Audrey Cohn Maree Condo, released on January 1 in Netfix!. She has seen eight letters in her American home. After entering, he kneels down on his knees. Then, families are taught to remove objects from the rapture, relocation of objects, and removing everything from what is left.

It was in social networks Tilting And "others" raining, loyal and opposed. The most critical of her is called the "Nazi dominance" and will be asked to be healthy and healthy. Condo says we do not have more than 30 books. "Even if you've quoted 30 books on the table near the bed, Marie Condo?" Writer Juan Pablo Villalobos asked him on Twitter. Well, thousands of comments.

In contradiction, it is an editorial. Penguin Random House presents four books in Argentina Magic– His spokesmen said Clarence Sales numbers for the industry are "extremely unusual in the industry", about 200,000 copies in our country.

With its success, new advisors in everyday life emerged and helped to organize the people to solve the basic issues of domestic life. Like that Estefania Freud, the first official consultant in Argentina's Marie Condo. He attended an official seminar in San Francisco. She lived there, and after a long time met her husband and her daughters. Because she does not speak English, it is difficult to speak in her hand. But she is very proud.

"He told us how he got his start." He told us that for the first time he ordered his home with eight bags, but he was not orderly, he brought him a lot of things – he still felt that one day she was not so much nervous, She woke up and she realized that she was acting badly when she woke, and she did not dare to think what she needed to do, but she did what she did to her She um. And to determine why you are happy, you estafaniyā continues.

He started his business in a title. "Because they are in the 30th century crisis, because they have something to change in their lives, because of the 40 year old crisis, we do not cut their shirts, it changes the lifestyle, you're home and like that." Says Fried. "I always speak of the difference between ordering, ordering and organizing everything for everything that is done, which we have to do once in our lifetime," he continues.

Guvalof Ferrier shows her wardrobe / tents (German Garcia Adrasti).

Guvalof Ferrier shows her wardrobe / tents (German Garcia Adrasti).

As the series, the "Thrandha" teacher goes to the guru. A tent is to cost $ 4,000 to organize a tent. In the kitchen, from $ 3,000 to $ 3600. A full children's room, about $ 5200. The basic roots of this system must be collected. For example, in the tent usually you have spent $ 3000 for these containers. According to these series of articles, the number of inquiries received was "greatly". He says thank you to "Netflix," he sold at 6 to 10 containers per day in his online store.

Other native speakers are Brenda Hainas. There is a similar method to Condo, but it has been adapted to our country. "There are issues pertaining to the cultural and cultural aspects of every place, such as the house or object connected with the Japanese society we have not declared."

Everything appears bending, bending, and bending (Martín Bonetto).

Everything appears bending, bending, and bending (Martín Bonetto).

It completely fails with the departure of Japanese extremism. "If one person needs 2,000 books in a house, if there is an adequate library there, let's look at the distribution of their clothes." Heinz says. Completed: "Our philosophy is not to give up happiness, but it does not need to live a full life."

Hainez receives about 10 instructions a day. Many working day-to-day have no time to organize their homes. In 2018, he made 120 companies each week between two and three times a week. In addition, it has about 700 tents in its online store and sells it. For a six-hour shift, a VAT tax of $ 8,000 is charged per day. As a step, they must organize from scratch and add up to $ 9,000 per day, in an organized place.

Carolina Fraenkel organized her clothing wardrobe (Martin Bonneto).

Carolina Fraenkel organized her clothing wardrobe (Martin Bonneto).

"I want to organize a fine organization"

"I needed more than my own tent," said Fraenkel, 46, a speaker at the house-to-house switching house, who hired him at home with another house, the first to emerge, wearing a suit and bedding And later rescued them, learning how to draw and repair clothes, and for labels "ML" for labels 12 set. Bird shoes and bags were left at the top. Work is 8 hours.

He loved it a lot. He pulled away from what he thought he would no longer use. Then he cleared everything, and arranged it. He packed another basket for a closed set of foods for a thin set, and the lid is not loosened. In the toilet, in the drawer, personal hygiene spare parts, another place for large and small napkins, and a basket left for a player. All tags. According to the beginning of the year and Karina, it is "incessantly maintained, but maintained".

When she moved, she rented a Gualolopi Ferieuro organizer (German García Adradi).

When she moved, she rented a Gualolopi Ferieuro organizer (German García Adradi).

"The Home of the Magician Has Been Gone"

Attorney-at-Law Guvalopi Ferrari, 38, took an action to pursue her new home. He rented "teacher". They worked for three hours in three hours. They organized a set of dresses, baths, kitchens, rooms, books, and personal items. Everything with the containers. "The shoes are in the boxes and the label is labeled, the bottles are visually appearing, the items are watered, the laundry wash and washed away." He explained.

He assures that this effort is worth it. It was a pleasure because it was useful. " The fascinating turn of the house took place, and the space was perfect, and visually, everything was reaching, and it transported good power. "And, above all, this helps in sponsoring. The things she did not use were only 30 bodies.

Keys of the KonMari system

* Determine where to order the things and where to place them. The elimination must first be done.

* Feeling discarded and preserving should be happy. Get rid of the toilet. Touch each hand and touch it. Ask if it will make us happy.

* Organize by category, not from place. If you have more clothes, check the type of subgroups (pants, shirts, dresses).

* The first order, books, scrolls, objects, and, finally, emotions and souvenirs.

* Order books. Remove from all unread books.

* Clothing should be worn. Use racks to organize the racks.

* Do not use the organizers: go to the shoes boxes. Place all objects of the same type in one place.

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