Monday , March 1 2021

Mega investment from Hong Kong comes to Argentina: they want to lure traders

Cryptocurrencies are advancing faster than the local economy and finance. Now, Dsdaq arrives in Latin America as a bridge between the traditional financial world and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a platform that integrates different trading options in one place.s. It currently has 250,000 active users globally, with a daily market volume of US $ 150 million and a monthly growth rate of up to 25%.

Dsdaq is The first multifunctional exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies (such as Tether, Ethereum and Bitcoin), including regular crypto contracts, CFDs for indices, indices, gold, oil, silver, forex and ETFs., Via a single account. In this way the portfolio of both traditional assets and crypto assets can be built on a single platform.

The platform provides a unique customer service as a differentiator for LATAM, which seeks to respond dynamically and in Spanish to customer needs. “We are pleased to launch Dsdaq and work in tandem with the development of such an innovative platform across the region. We strive to provide the best solutions and experiences for our users.” Matthias, head of DisDAC operations for the region, explains. Application, He was one of the pioneers in establishing the commercial model of guaranteed cryptocurrencies in the world, which opened the door for the two crypto investors to operate in the global market. For the traditional ones.

Benefits for traders

Merchants can deposit and withdraw at any time and place in a matter of minutes, only with the commission charged by the network, But without the need to go through centralized settings. Regulating operations. In addition, they can be used as a crypto guarantee to trade CFDs, trading all types of popular assets in a single account, saving costs and increasing the efficiency of transactions.

In addition to receiving a high speed rate when processing transactions, the average is 3.08 ms, It has a high level of security with 256 bits of encryption and architecture to protect the assets.

Fintech has three products:

1 – Guaranteed crypto trading. Through these innovative crypto guarantee trading systems, users can use cryptocurrencies to trade stocks, indexes, ETFs, merchandise and other assets. As a notable advantage, the commission for this type of transaction is ZERO, which makes free air drops and provides platform tokens to users for each transaction.

2- Cryptocurrency trading. In addition to getting traditional crypto pairs, the most popular tokens can also be found on Dsdaq. In addition, DisDac’s liquidity is among the best, with a transaction fee of only 0.1% for local trading.

3- Crypto contract trading. Dsdaq offers the most competitive rates of 0.02% to the manufacturer and 0.05% to the policyholder. The elite get an even lower ratio and the lever is between 2X and 100X.

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