Thursday , January 28 2021

Muriko Macky called for an electoral strategy involving ruling governors and the president

I paid more attention. But, by now, the election calendar of the provinces administered by the Cambrian Coalition The analysis continues until the end of the summer.

At his new home for his vacation, President Maurice Mucky agreed today with the discussions with management of Horizio Rodriguez Laura, with the governors of Jundiae and Mendoza, Gerardo Morales and Alfredo Coneglio, with the Beraz Aires, discussing the issues of management, and agreeing to the district's "election schedule" until March "The Most Comprehensive Method of National Research"As they believed Infobae Sources of the meeting say about the meeting.

Which means Casa Rosa insists Tackling the fate of Mackie's provincial leaders. Marcos Pina, the head of the cabinet, and Elisea Cario, the deputy secretary. Legitimate Maximilio Ferrara is part of the talk at the Exatasian de la Creese Expo.

The meeting took place at the only house in Cochrane, Wil Anne-Estura. The President hired with his family. The location from December 22.

Mulles, Cornjo and Rodriguez, who had joined the deputy head of defense and defense minister, Diegu Santhurli, had no presence before noon before Boehos Aires. The head of the Bunos Ayers had a plan to rest during the holiday village at the weekend. Others left the airport at the Barrio helicopter from where they returned to their troops.

In the pre-hours, from the presidential election, they knew that they were taking strident action on the election calendar. "All Will Be Remedied"They told the media.

"I saw them Geraldo and Alfredo More open. The intention is to strengthen the national, change the decision-making framework and not within each province. From the national to the provincial level, on the other side, "one of us assured us: lunch – Salad with meat and potatoes, a coffee planting for the end – expanded.

"We Talk About Majority, Not About Candidates, It's Time to Decide"They were abundant.

However PRO and UR. NegligentThe fact that this lunch is over is a good fit. McChie's rule and radicalism give way beyond disruptive relationships from the beginning of McCready's management.

"No one suggested to sabotage, the storm was the worstAlthough this did not mean that the sun rises, the country spoke from the south and was attended by two conferences monitored by Presidential Secretary Dariot Neto.

In this nest Casa de Roseda aims to rehabilitate this week Combining national elections in the provinces governed by Cambodia. The city of Buenos Aires has already been resolved, and has approved a new election code that allows Rodríguez Larote to allow the election.

At Mendoza's trial, Governor Karunu has not been re-elected. But if he calendar his metropolis with the United States, he will endeavor to appoint his infrastructure minister, Martin Kerrner as the successor to mayor of Mayor Mayan de Munich, to his candidacy.

In Jujuy, the government is trying to move that direction.

They were concerned about the fact that the lunch center was largely a capitalManagement issues have been avoidedProvincial activities of the national affairs. For example, Rodriguez Lauretia highlighted the progress of the Paso del Bajo, which began in May this year and will present one of his achievements in the Buenos Aires campaign.

"The primary concern of the electoral issue was not the meeting"The first floor of Casa Rozada called this story called "Brahmin", but stressed the importance of reducing the tone of this discussion.

According to sources, the head of state analyzed the economic situation: The lower rate imposed by the Central Bank is higher than the dollar relative to the US dollar. He said the economy would "start.".

Maria Euunia Vidal, Governor of Buenos Aires, completed her vacation on Chadmomanel's Presidential Palace this weekend. In its environment and in the state They did not arrive, Have been justified on their vacation in the Atlantic Coast.

The 21 stalls and the driver's table can be re-enlisted for lunch for the midday meal of capital. They will start there To settle the elections in Buenos AiresPiña, Fernando de Andríes, Umtoro Schawowski, Francisco Quintana, Rodriguez Lareta and Rodelio Friigio, Vical and his staff, Fredrika Savlai.

Together, La Corrina Stanley once again met his wife with McCready and spent a holiday in Angosora with his wife. They played pale games. There is a connection between Stanley and Avada. Among the versions.

It's finally turning out the election in Bowenough County, state of Ayrshire In the weeks ahead, capital must be defined Still not convinced, it is a blow to the summer.

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