Wednesday , January 27 2021

Note 7: Photographic examples

Yesterday, an Asian manufacturer introduced Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. In fact Redmi Note 7 is now an independent brand of Xiaomi. The most striking feature is the photography section Camera of RAMS Note 7 It has 48 megs, but for the simplest form, 130 euros will give it a good grip?

The first examples have been published in the photos taken with Ramsey Nine Camera released by MyDrivers Asia Blog in Asia. Xiaomi's new phone prices can be seen.

Comparison of Rhythm 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 and Honor 10 Lite

The Redmi Note 7 camera is designed with a double-layer system and remember. Samson's ISOCELL GM1 technology with a first sensor in 47 megawatts, and 1 ½ cm. Secondary tools: an SMS and LED flash.

Camera of RAMS Note 7

Redmi Note 7 Camera: This is surprising in night mode

it ISOCELL technology A Korean manufacturer has created a sharp picture of four close-ups of light data and a mega-pixel image of a mega-pixel.

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The work done by Xiaomi and Samsung to get a good harvest, Rammy notebook 7, can be seen in the picture in accordance with this article. And also Night mode If we consider that we speak at a price lower than € 150, it is abandoned with an open mouth.

As you can see, photography offers excellent quality Actually, low noise levelOr a very cheap phone, delivering excellent results beyond any user's requirements. Also, the traditional model should have a higher percentage than the excellent results.

Here, the Redia Note 7 camera in Xiaomi offers a natural color. Even Bokeh or Thanks to the second sensor, it receives excellent results for the range of the terminal. When we use the only artificial intelligence we have found.

Removable note with Rememy camera 7

This double image shows that on the left there is a megapixel camera with a camera and the right side of the screen, we have 12 mega pixels and the same intelligence mode. Here we do not affect AI colors and some information is lost.

It was a minor mistake, with great results Camera of RAMS Note 7, Which is actually the highest-level device that will give the company a new and dominant component.

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