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Other plays in Hatviyoruza in Greece: summer flights and millions of people missing in the summer – 01/12/2019

As a whole codeware, this should be a perfect time for the empires, if it is largely driven by the dollar and national tourists. But in November 2018, a positive situation arose. The city is expected to spend over 80% of the hotel, and the current reality shows that it falls to dramatic levels.

The news of nine deaths and 28 Hunt certificates disappeared from the natural state of the south.

Each year over 120,000 people are estimated to travel through the mummies, and it is estimated that the lake and the surrounding area will be viewed. Eat more than 40,000 monkeys at the place. It will not be possible to acquire more than 200 million megalines through the end of December to mid-March.

NICOLOS, an Australian traveler, is planning to leave the city. Photograph: Marcelo Martinez

NICOLOS, an Australian traveler, is planning to leave the city. Photograph: Marcelo Martinez

Camps, hostels and cabs are empty today. The height of summer can be accommodated in the camp for 750 people for four days a day. They are reinforced at the places that the CEB empowered.

In the summer you are full of tents. They have come to us to set up a tent that they can not find a place to sleep. Clarence Hector Pereira (77) is encamped with his wife, Eliza Hub KōḍiyerāThe oldest of Epinean.

The movement futures the meaning of the movement. Perera, a healthy athletic and friendly conversation, walking on grass in that place, as a green and cut football soccer. Let silence in nature not allow the flooding of the river, this is an unusual truth. According to this rule, walkers in the camps are walking backwards, cooking, exploring the guitar, and talking about their day-to-day skills.

Other equal spaces support the same loneliness in the surroundings. Where should small communities be in the summer?

"We do not have mice here, we have 20 cats, but people do not believe in everywhere, and it does not come." Pereira explains that the truck driver and trainer in Trailevitch, Trailage, and the local city councilor.

In the past, the loss of Epiine will end on the capital of El Bolzón. In comparison with the mountains, the mountainous city, which is famous for its beauty and its lifestyle, has fully occupied over 90% of the city. The streets, salons and raids exploded with the travelers across the country. There will be something similar to Esquel, and the hotel has about 85% resident. "We welcome Bolzón to Pattagonia for many tourists and keep people informed," said Vice President of the Domestic Tourist, Carina Beaun.

"This summer we have already sold more than 90%," says Emma's chief incumbent owner, Noma, "but people usually did not get out of milk, butter, butter and other products". Keep milk packets out of your freezer compartment in order to keep a cigarette in your briefcase.

"Unfortunately, we have lost a year We can not reduce our weapons. This will happen and be tolerant, "says Eugene Mayor Antonio Riito.

The city was postponed for over 30,000 people to gather music and cunning music for more than three days. The village bakery sells 1.5 tons of bread each day, according to local sources. Another loss of income.

"I have found out about the virus and say that I can transmit the most worried person to the person from the person," I'll continue to visit, and I want to go to El Calafate, but that's not that far, so not right, "the tract asks.

This hour The only tourists to Europe from Engines are foreigners from Europe or the United States. National travelers have decided to resettle the destination in Patagonia, but are currently staying at a resting place in the area where Beriloch, El Bolzón and Esquel live.

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