Tuesday , July 27 2021

Pay attention to the presence of those in the land and grasslands

Complaints from different neighborhoods are increasing. The city council reported that the UDA intensified its maintenance and expulsion activities

Land and grasslands have covered the complaints and area cover, and in the last days, there has been an infinite smile in the finds of Hantaya.

Arielle expressed his concern for the rare land of 60 and 61 Miriam.

His party warned of a skeletal dump in the 11 and 600-meter streets by Sebastavis. "By now it has infected the infected and every type of refuse has a lot of smell."

Meanwhile, another claim was registered between 661 and 662. Cecilia was refined to the garbage and to the branches. Rats "

At Tolosa, warnings were warned by the mice, wounding 522 dead during the 1920s and 1919s. "The delegation will have to take over the region," he said.

On the other hand, San Carlos, from 149 to 150, claimed he was walking away in his yard in an accident, prompting the "urgent expulsion of the delegates."

At this point, the neighbor known as Karkos says that these animals come in his neighborhood. "Teams of grass and trucks collecting garbage often do not last a month, and therefore, all the waste is collected."

From the 72nd to the 73rd, he warned of the "moths" of the pastures. She also said: "I am a neighbor, although they are clean, they have come to my home, it is dangerous to be in charge of adults and children."

Meanwhile, Manchello sent a picture of the deceased rat to Rengewell, and another distinction was seen between the 517 and 518 in the Belgrado region.

Villa Elvira also has a disadvantage. Greek saying was between grass between 92 and 93 and 12. "As we look at how we live, they are not going to the light, and no one cleanses the land that nobody knows it."

Expansion of tasks

It is important to remember that in the city, which operates to prevent the appearance of Hantavia, operations intervened in the administration of various locations in the city of La Palma.

The community centers and environmental management secretariats and the regional director of the Sino coordinate the clearing of infected clusters and prevent the clearing of sanitary and cleaning activities in specific lands and sections to prevent the spread of the virus.

As reported, 147 complaints have been received, and the staff of the city council is in questionable properties and discusses with the tenants to improve the work; In denial, they can be brought into the house through the office and the technical secretariat, and help prevent damage to local neighbors.

Similarly, the State Spanish and Eco-Management Office has also strengthened the workings of weeds in pastures to prevent the spread and eradication of mosquito-borne diseases. Small scale land

Likewise, sensitive tasks are carried out in different neighborhoods. It is often found in zones with long transmissible animals that can transmit the virus, and those who report near rats and water have priority. Similarly, the SaoniOs Division distributed beehives in the peripheral areas of the city.

Neighbors should be disadvantaged by contacting any community representatives or 147 neighboring service lines. From Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm Bunny can be released to release 4, while Sony Boss is located between the director 52 and 120.

Health professionals provide information through No.147

Due to the spread of Hantavirus in the province of Chubut, the 147th special unit of the Commune has been set up and answers questions and concerns raised by health professionals.

In this way, neighbors can come to the city, eliminating the risk of minimizing the risk of infection, and providing information on the disease and advice and recommendations, and experts who can respond to their problems.

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