Thursday , May 6 2021

PC Racing-Independent began to beat

The safety bubble he had set up so that the river would not crush him in the monument led him to a proposal in line with racing history. Juan Antonio PC always knew that a team would have to appear in court to take the lead last night. I’m trying. Although he did not take into account that the decline of his players would be very ugly. Godoy attacked him every time the cross came to him. They ended it when nature rebelled more than academy-related dramas.


One of the racing against Godoy Cross

“We made every effort to fit the game. As in previous games we generated games and conditions but this time we could not win”, The coach said in a weekly preview: It will be even more important: the duel against Rojo de Falcioni is coming. And, it is a known fact that no one comes out of those games alone …


A new slap in the face

“We are trying to be the main characters in the classic against the Independent and try to impose our game. We need to be stronger and play it with greater responsibility for what it means., The coach stood up. He improved what he saw last night: “When you try in every possible way to create conditions, it is emotionally difficult to turn it back to 2-0. Even so, in the second half we were ready to turn it around.


Cvitanich: A goal, created opportunities and classics

There were still mistakes that could have been avoided in this race while searching for an identity. In the case of JAP, it took him a long time to play it: he condemned the knockout stages as 3-1 and threw Quitonic on the court in as little as a few minutes. In his analysis, the racing coach was not trying to carry a badly played defensive ring. He was kind. “I didn’t pay much attention, I saw individual mistakes that could be corrected. But the attention is not diverted. They are very accurate, even when they are not considered dangerous. It was difficult for us to turn it around, ”PC explained.


Tombaso in Avalonada!

Perhaps that calmness is a shield that the technician does not provide. “Team work, in general, is close to what we want. We know we have to improve after this defeat, but by correcting things we can find the game line that allows us to be strong, ”McNuido closed.

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