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Pinochet and Lil's youngest son Gasson was the final day of the last day of the conservatory

Leonardo Straggno was the eldest of the dead

Sludge levers



, It is the artistic environment.
The inner circle around Leonardo takes place with the family, friends, and the cycle
IntervenedHis younger brother, Gastón, described his final few months as follows: "I was very troubled by me, and it was so hard for her family to get very hard from all of his friends, and he was in a lot of difficulties, but he did not succeed He already made a cancer of cancer and the second round of truth is that he could not have it physically.

Credit: Gerardo Verchowitz

On the mobile phone of Sharonita's burial site in Leonardo, on the mobile phone of Leonardo, shot: "All of us: My mother, Leo's children and their longtime friends, I thank you for showing this love." She explained how she was shining. She explained how she was involved with her son up to the last moment. "She's with us." She was holding onto the man's side while holding him in his hand. We have become infected with this disease and we have not told all of it to you, and with the exception of a brave disease, you were suddenly well and reckless, and it did not feel like doing it for her good. I really knew what happened. When I found out that the situation could not irreversibly reverse, I searched for it.

In the end, Gasten spoke of his father. It was necessary to continue the work of Raúl Lavié
The crazy nestHis son declared that he fully understood it. He declared that he had made that decision in the morning: "He made Mike for five hours and was with Leo in the morning, he was leaving him, and, of course, I think Leo, after he left us an hour later, And he did not understand how he thought it was wrong to do it, we are usually artists, and my brother wants I will ensure that the Measure. "

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