Tuesday , January 19 2021

Prices and promotions are a small drop in sales

Representatives of consumer associations and economic advisors warned.

The low price index will be forced to compete. "Argentina's price is always good, but at times it can be promoted", the instructor is qualified Nelson Peiris Alonso, From companies Claves. Nobody knows that precious things are breaking down: the prices of prices, discounts per day, discounts on tickets, eats etc … are really not possible to measure the prices, and shortcomings for similar things may be more than 30%. Supermarkets that were unapproved by the secretary and all embarrassing communication programs have been distorted.

Oslo BassanoThe ADdudu consumer and consumer rights panel has warned that dissipating conditions and forces should be very careful when calculating prices. "Peerow accuses not the rest of the rest of the country, but if you start looking at the price, you'll see that the various places will be cheap or expensive depending on the product.

In addition, a liter of milk in neighboring regions will be $ 34 a liter, and an express stall will cost $ 30. Prices are low due to no one coming. It was also announced that many retailers were hampered to protest the market's resistance to seeing what was happening in March. "Because the people are settling down, prices will fall as well," he complains.

On the other hand, Hector PolinoThey questioned free customers for questioning about charges, electricity, gas and drinking water. "This increase was made to change the cost structure and the cost to the direct price, the cost structure was 35%, and in addition, the polynomial was focused on the food price." Some salespeople who were supplying lower sales were lower manufacturers So, they do not pass the expiration date. They are willing to reduce many prices and reduce profits. (Telomeres)

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