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Rape of the Maimara camp: They discovered the seminal fluid of the girl – 11/01/2019

On january 1 an intellectual found evidence of sexual abuse of an 14 year old girl in a miremar camp The deceased person's body and dress code, With the DNA of the suspects.

Based on this discovery, the lawyer intervening by Silvioz Salas will collect samples in the coming days with the genetic profiles of the accused.

These capabilities The question of the author was clarified to the attorney general A fatal trap of a 14-year-old girl was "sexually assaulted" by Lucas Patten (21), Emmanuel Dias (23), Tomas Haim (23), Roberto Costa (21) and Juan Cruz Villalb (23).

According to the reforms carried out by the investigators, this event took place on the morning of 1 st of January, and during the New Year festival.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of a bungalow in a kilometer-kilometer stretch on the Provincial Council Road.

After the new year's warming, the teenager's mother found her in the tent because of her absenteeism, and she began to find her there.

The woman was immediately summoned to the police station and lodged a complaint at the Mirijana Women's Police Station. The suspects were arrested and their personal property was seized and they had been abducted by a white van and a tent on a tent. .

Despite the confidentiality of the tests, the first tests confirmed that the child is in the process of sexual harassment related to sexual abuse.

The publishers explained that the two suspects were friendly with each other. Outman, Kosta and Deas each have each other as one hundred characters, and additionally, in addition, is a musician.

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