Sunday , January 17 2021

Rhonda: Ronda Nassi of Mortal Kombat 11

Every distribution Motel Kombat There are pre-existing rumors of rumors and speculations on the characters in the game, and many other IPs or real people often portray the arrival of some guests. Obviously, with Mortl Kombat 11 The same thing happened, and some recent rumors that might reach the title have also been mentioned about the appearance of Randy Russey.

According to a report GameRant, responding to eon95, a user of Reddit, officially leaked what we know today Mortl Kombat 11 In that publication, the NBS Star, Ronda Rossi, will play the game from the beginning with the sponsorship of the role of Sony Blade. The publication was deleted some time after, but the filings of the Scotian presentation presented successfully succeeded, giving the publication of that website and its author some credibility. Pure mag He asked him via private messages and stated that Ruwzi will appear in the case presented Mortl Kombat 11It will be held on January 17.

As expected, speculation was not anticipated, and the female star of UFC Sonia Blade was divided among those who think her voice is merely aloud, while others believe that the character Rousey and others are the ones to choose from. Like all the information of this type, keep separate and keep it in the Netherlands until the information is disclosed in the Netherlands Mortl Kombat 11.

Mortl Kombat 11 On April 23, PS4, Xbox One, Switches and PC will be released. If you need to find out more about the next installment in the series, we invite you to check this link.

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