Friday , January 22 2021

Romario: "This is a transit moment"

Lendro Romaino, as noted by Sun Lorenzo by the middle of the twentieth century, demands for fixing it and amid demands from the fan. "It is a moment of switching, we must provide economic support, and we should try., Is uniquely confirmed TyC Games.

The hurricane manager stressed "Do not do crazy things, so the club pays them for them". other than that, "When I returned in 2009, it was confusing until the end of 2012. You did not have a good time, we are all upstairs.Coppa Liverbornros is very important".

Ramanni's castles were considered. "The coach's need is over and some player and side is Ferrari (Hatton)," Castellani (Gonzalo) is a little bit less, and Olassa (Lucas) hopes, "the best thing we can do is to"Closed.

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