Saturday , January 23 2021

Saipoax assures that tidmum does not contain Hanthaya

"Hey … everything is OK? There is more cover than the dollar more than the dollar!" A relative was asked yesterday. Edo-golulusThere's a cab near that city. Gulius, who is part of his family in Tucuman, said: "The situation is complicated, the complexity is called hantavirus." The mouse is called a long rat (well-shaken, urine, and urine), and this innovation has the potential for person exchanges.

There is no risk

"It is a geographically regionalized epidemic and there is no risk," he said. Rogelio Kali, Siprosa Director of the Epidemiology Unit. Hantavaras do not behave like behavior or behavioral behavior. It is a large family of viruses and many types of births (the Nation's Ministry of Health reported that it was South Asian strain). "" There may be spread in the province, but it will be an explosion, "he added, adding that he had no risk for those who plan to visit the area.

"The explosion is just the people of Eupen, and everything else is in operation in the other region," Guliyus said, "if they arrive or arrive at the camp, they should follow those recommendations every year."

"Indeed, ordinary people have a normal life, except in quarantine, and national journalists are doing their job well," LA GACETA insisted. Hugo Moreno, Focus FM 99.9-Yun.

Emergency and case law cases

Officially officially released on December 3 and nine people were killed yesterday. According to the Health Ministry of Chuba, a fixed diagnostic test and two others have been monitored. The authorities announced the state of emergency, and ten days earlier they planned to isolate respiratory organs from people exposed to viruses.

"Quarantine was in the whole territory of public dependence, which depends on 90% of the city's public (gym, library, yard, and pay room), and the city is really paradoxical," Gulius said. "Families of the infected families are in the environment and a group has to isolate themselves because they have a vulnerable population."

The Ministry of Health reported that it is necessary to isolate 85 neighbors in order to cut the virus transmission line. But those who "fail to compare" have those who do not respect others, and condemned the Minister. Arizona PCAnd decided to appeal to the judge. According to the website of the FmM 99.9-Yupon, the Public Prosecutor's Office called for the isolation of sanitary authorities on Thursday. "The exact request is the isolated state of being chosen in 30 days at a time," the minister explained.

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