Saturday , January 23 2021

San Lorenzo is only two

In the mid 5th day of Brazil, George Alman, Mathas Lemans, President and Marcelo Tinelli, Earn, pay. San Lorenzo de AllgroSilence Two more strengths are shut down. Azulghana Leaders Discuss Fully Busy, Arrivals To Agreements With Tourists Hunter Fratelli and Gonzalo Castelli

Freṭōli Old boys of former mule, He transferred Bordeaux for $ 1,500,000 and a two-year contract. His whole life was highlighted in the Rosalino suite. He performed all the skills of the lower section, he played in the first year of 2014, and in 13 games he made 13 goals. Last semester played the Super League's 15 "Lazores" and became the fast bowler in the team.

KæsṭalaniOn the other hand, I will wear the shirt of Asulgrana and the semen. The 31-year-old fellow has played in the past few years National AtollSo they would have been quite a bit like their coming to Bordeaux. The contract fighter will be bound for San Lorenzo for 18 months.

Finally, it's just a little bit detailed According to Alminir's order, the fourth must be. The first was In 2013, the shirt of Godick's shirt can be seen, Then At his home in Lance in 2015 And in Colombia in 2018. This way, Cicln created five new additions: Roll Loysa, Gustavo Toros, Fernando Jefferson, Hunter Fratelli and Gonzalo Castelli

That's the idea Go to the sports city for a two day training ground. There, their team trained their first training after returning from a prior decision from Port Ellewe. On next Monday and after signing the contract, both doctors will be empowered.

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