Friday , January 22 2021

Sarita Rhodes can be angry: "Silvina Escazo told me that Louisiana Castro shot at every girl"

Motay Casan The controversial separatism often added a controversial new chapter Luciano Castro and Sabrina Royce. One person may end up having a relationship with a boyfriend, and it has been proposed that special attention be paid to actresses working with the crew. Love is 100 days.

Reyes strongly rejected this view Cynthia Fernandez There was information about the information In the morning angels. "Andrea Rincón and Silvia Escudo are working with Miai"He was awake.

"Silvina Couple"Cain reminded Iwiikoli. "I went to one source to Silvia and she did not do anything with Luciano, who shot at all the girls" The little angel revealed.

"Oh, tell me what Silvina is? Angeli de Brito said: "Someone else told me that everyone shot me.", Lord Sanchez

"They said it was Rincon (Accused lover)When I asked her, she did not see anything, and it was crazy. Public lie, but I have to believe " Shuts down.

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